Translation of scatter in Spanish:


esparcir, v.

Pronunciation /ˈskatə//ˈskædər/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (grit/salt) esparcir
    (seeds) sembrar (a voleo)
    the bag burst, scattering her purchases la bolsa se rompió y se le desparramaron todas las compras
    • scatter some cushions around on the floor esparce / desparrama unos cuantos cojines por el suelo
    • to scatter sth over/on sth
    • clothes lay scattered all over the room había ropa desparramada / tirada por toda la habitación
    • we scattered the ashes on the garden esparcimos las cenizas por el jardín
    • to scatter the floor with sand esparcir arena por el suelo
    • Crumble the filling over the dough and press it down into the surface, then scatter the currants evenly across the dough.
    • If you're broadcasting seed, simply scatter it, and then cover with about 1/4 inch of fine soil or compost.
    • Penstemon seed, for example, can be lightly scattered over the surface of a tray of damp compost and covered with a thin layer of compost or vermiculite.
    • During Australia's national day of mourning yesterday, barbecues were organised, and surfers scattered flowers.
    • Because he loved sailing so much and had long dreamt of a retirement spent exploring the Mediterranean, the family scattered his ashes at sea.
    • The wind blowing across the river's surface scatters tiny drops of water in every direction.
    • The wind picked up and scattered leaves about me.
    • She started clawing at the mattress until she broke it open and scattered the fluffy insides all over the cell.
    • His staging was awkward; he tended to limit action unnecessarily to small parts of the stage and to scatter furniture about at random.
    • He cleansed the water, scattered consecrated herbs, and chanted ancient incantations.
    • Crack an egg onto the potatoes and scatter the cheese evenly over the surface.
    • Arrange the slices of mozzarella over the base, spread the onions on top and scatter the chestnuts, olives and thyme or oregano over them.
    • His daughter, Marielle, plans to come to Scotland to scatter some of his ashes but the rest will be taken to Vietnam.
    • The tarte is finished off by scattering crispy garlic and parsley fried breadcrumbs over the surface, and will be great either hot or cold, with slices of goat's cheese.
    • In others, he scatters the powder more randomly so that the drawing resembles a starburst or shrapnel blast.
    • A brother and sister have delayed scattering their mum's ashes in the garden of their family home while they deal with the threat of eviction.
    • Prendergast described how Glasgow funeral directors recently scattered the unclaimed ashes they had stored since the 1950s into the Clyde.
    • I quickly shot up from the couch, scattering my papers all over the floor in the process, and reached the door.
    • The super-cute shop is always inviting, with the lovely smell of roses filling the air and rose petals scattered outside the entrance.
    • A mother whose son was shot dead by a friend marked his 21st birthday today by scattering his ashes.
  • 2

    • 2.1(disperse)

      (group/crowd) dispersar
      the gunfire scattered the birds el tiro desperdigó a los pájaros
      • they are now scattered all over the country ahora están desperdigados / diseminados por todo el país
      • He fired several shots, and scattered the rebels, and it was owing mainly to his gallantry that the lives of the rest of the men were saved.
      • Frank goes on in his article to tell of how their little group scattered.
      • Across the streets, people scattered or dived to the ground against shuttered shop doorways as the rattle of Kalashnikov fire criss-crossed overhead.
      • Police scattered striking workers and teargas was also used to disperse a striking mob at Cyril Lord.
      • As the Rosary was finished a very heavy shower, sent people scattering in all directions for shelter.
      • Everyone scattered in different directions, fighting anyone they came to.
      • Within minutes the people on the street had scattered and taken cover.
      • The protesters scuffled with police when officers moved in to scatter the crowd, but there were no reported injuries.
      • She could hear the scampers of animals scattering.
      • Young Herbert was picking up small stones and throwing them at the sparrows twittering in the hedgerows scattering them in all directions.
      • After one group had enough exercise and fresh air, they would retreat to their bunkers and the next small group would scatter forth.
      • But the drivers scattered in different directions and officers failed to capture any of them, although all the vehicles were abandoned nearby.
      • The bell suddenly chimed, sending the girls scattering to their different assigned seats in the classroom.
      • They shined the light every which way, scattering the bugs and mice that had not seen any light for years.
      • Several people witnessed the shooting but scattered before police arrived.
      • Enemy forces advanced rapidly into his territory, in Batticaloa and Amparai districts, scattering his fighters.
      • Even as the three artists scatter to different corners of the globe, they're together building the shape of music to come.
      • He faces down a bear with bow-and-arrow, scatters wolves with a slingshot, and shoots rabbits for dinner.
      • It will be the last time that these group of athletes take the field together before they are scattered to the winds of their individual sporting ambitions.
      • The group scattered quickly and then regrouped after the flames ended.
      • The group scattered when police arrived, but police were able to detain 3 Thai men and 4 Russians.
      • A manta ray flashed, scattering a school of butterfly fish, silver and striped with dark gold, each moving like the pulse of a wing.
      • The group scattered and Justin scrambled to the school.
      • The effect was to scatter the crew in the holding area, and give the Germans something to think about while James got into position.
      • His bellow echoed through the air, sending what could have passed off for large dogs scattering in all directions.
      • As he turned down a street a group of children scattered out of his way, abandoning the patched ball that they had been playing with in the street.
      • Customers at the surrounding tables are looking on in horror as I send the birds scattering in their direction.
      • He reached down again, this time to scatter the animals, and they ran for the lakes, forests, mountains and trees.
      • The group scattered immediately when another group headed over to the playground.
      • For a moment, Jeff's blood froze; he listened in dread as another round of shots completely scattered the remaining crowd.
      • Like a rapid silver lure shining wildly, she breaks suddenly from the branching rock and scatters three green Chromis fish.
      • The war of 2001 destroyed that base, scattered the group and effectively ended the umbrella role he and his associates had played.
      • Most scattered quickly as rain began to spill down and high winds blew.
      • A mortar burst on the pavement, scattering a group of medics.
      • Confusion and panic broke out at once, with the troops scattering in every direction.

    • 2.2Physics

      (light/beam) dispersar
      • Some of the light that is reflected from the cylinder groove is scattered, and does not re-enter the interferometer.
      • Wavelengths at the blue end of the spectrum are scattered and absorbed more than those at the red end of the spectrum, so the sunlight appears to turn yellow, and then red.
      • One possibility is a powerful laser beaming from the nose of the plane to ‘melt’ a path through the air - scattering molecules so that they cause less friction.
      • The light scattered by a particle passing through these beams is collected and focused on a photomultiplier tube.
      • These scatter electrons beyond the limiting angle of the objective aperture, leaving fewer to contribute to the image of that region, which thus appears dark.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (light/crowd) dispersarse



  • 1

    dispersión feminine
    • Optical scatter plays a major role in stray light simulations.
    • Treatment may include prescribing eyeglasses or contact lenses to slightly overcorrect night vision and decrease the light scatter.
    • There was considerable light scatter with each treatment, particularly at the higher fluences.
    • To date, the research team has found that 90 to 95 percent of light scatter generated is from optical properties of mitochondria.