Translation of scheme in Spanish:


Pronunciation /skim//skiːm/


  • 1

    the scheme of the novel/symphony el esquema de la novela/de la sinfonía
  • 2

    (plan) plan masculine
    (underhand) ardid masculine
    (plot) confabulación feminine
    (plot) conspiración feminine
    a clever scheme to defraud his employers un hábil plan para estafar a sus patrones
    • They'd be in a fancy hotel with room service, plotting their evil schemes or whatever it was government representatives did.
    • Both schemes aim to crackdown on problems such as rowdy youths and anti-social behaviour.
    • I am a member of an occupational pension scheme approved by the Inland Revenue.
    • As I note below, the scheme for stealing the nuclear weapons is exceedingly hokey, and as in the original the story drags at times.
    • Firstly, individual members of occupational pensions schemes do not have votes.
    • The Commission for Communications Regulation has introduced a new licensing scheme for local area broadband fixed wireless access services.
    • If the pilot scheme is successful similar schemes could be rolled out across the district in the New Year.
    • A mild-mannered couple use a variety of distract-and-grab schemes to steal laptops from business travelers.
    • Victims were duped by bogus get-rich-quick schemes involving fake documents before the scam was exposed.
    • I know your past, I know your missions, your plots, plans, schemes, faults, weaknesses, interests, everything really.
    • With the Filumena caught up in a bootlegging scheme, the plot goes wrong and a constable is murdered, leaving her to hang.
    • Well, the fourteen - year-old's mind had already begun to plot schemes.
    • The entire scheme is due to be completed by the end of 2005.
    • Many at present do not join an occupational scheme because they cannot afford the payments.
    • While there may be sound business reasons to focus on clever marketing schemes and building new stadiums, such a focus has come at the expense of the quality of play.
    • A government compensation scheme is available for asbestos victims who cannot trace their previous employer.
    • They still thought I had secret plans, evil schemes, and I was at a loss as to how to convince them otherwise.
    • Two years, they had plotted and planned this scheme, progressing their efforts and perfecting their means.
    • A child is never too young to harbor deadly secrets, or plot diabolical schemes.
    • In some States, I know there is a similar statutory scheme with respect to boats.
    • The premise remains interesting, but the plot is cluttered with schemes and counter-schemes that seem unrealistic at best and pointless at worst.
    • Lies, coincidences, plots, and schemes are everywhere, and no one can trust anyone.
    • The scheme is due to be completed by the end of this year.
    • The locals also wanted to impress on public representatives the importance of rerouting the proposed sewerage scheme.
    • Typically, the schemes and plots end in frustration and disaster.
    • With the advent of primary care groups in 1999 a new incentive scheme was devised to influence prescribing.
    • I have no ulterior motives, no plots or secret schemes.
    • Since June, final salary pension schemes have been closing at twice the rate of last year.
    • We're told that plots and schemes occurred, but we rarely see them actually playing out.
    • Swindon Council has received an excellent rating for its plan to introduce a new government housing scheme.
    • Unless, of course, they were truly plotting some schemes against him.
    • The combination of the two are highly effective at detecting scams, schemes and illicit practices.
    • I don't really want to involve Brian in my scheme to get a plot.
    • He always had various practical schemes and engineering ideas he thought could help other countries.
    • She could sniff intrigue and schemes blowing on the wind, they said.
    • His team's scheme includes a central module where people can relax and socialize.
    • Franchise masters and headquarters staff are on hand to help new franchisees establish their business, and provide planning advice and marketing schemes.
    • He plots a scheme to make Othello believe that Desdemona was having an affair with Cassio.
    • Then individuals could protect themselves against the risk of needing health care by voluntary insurance schemes.
    • Lyssandra, being herself, had been quite willing to earn some return on his care, and had put Adam to good use in her various plots and schemes.
  • 3British

    plan masculine
    a savings/pension scheme un plan de ahorro/de pensiones
  • 4Scottish informal

    (housing estate)
    complejo de viviendas subvencionadas

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (plot) conspirar
    she's always scheming siempre está intrigando
    • they were scheming against the chairman estaban conspirando contra el presidente
    • she was scheming to get his job estaba intrigando / armando intrigas para quedarse con su puesto
    • He not only lied, he actively plotted and schemed to pervert the course of justice.
    • She is scheming for Aimee and me to be betrothed before the season is over.
    • Unnoticed and unsuspected, they schemed to bring terror and destruction to the streets of Britain.
    • She was incredibly intelligent, with a pristine photographic memory, and knew when someone was scheming for something.
    • Instead of actors following scripts in a studio, audiences can see people very like themselves plotting and scheming for advantage in any setting imaginable.
    • After scheming for 13 years, hers is a cold and calculated act, working to a master plan.
    • She chats with me totally unaware that I'm practically scheming the whole time.
    • There is much evidence that these officers spent much of their time scheming for their own political advantage and in hopes of being assigned their own regiments.
    • So, they planned, schemed, and worked hard throughout the night.
    • It was a secret operation that Michael had been scheming for years.
    • I hate it when she's like this because secretly behind her calm demeanor she's plotting and scheming.
    • Later in the movie, Pippo acquits himself as expected, scheming to save Elena with a tailor-made plan that should sew the plot up nicely - but the audience knows that it's about to get knotty.
    • Some of the ‘characters’ on the show were so entertaining - especially those that plotted and schemed against the others.
    • An even more interesting possibility is that they were not merely actors but nimbly planning ones who schemed to exploit their would-be exploiters.
    • Doubtless the politicians will enjoy plotting and scheming in the Jacobean nooks and corners.
    • They are scheming and conniving and sometimes thoughtlessly cruel, too.
    • ‘You were plotting and planning and scheming again,’ Emilyn tried to explain.
    • Various dragons have been scheming, plotting, and trying to get him for years, and they've pretty much all ended up dead trying.
    • Over the years it has been accused of everything from gross ineptitude and massive corruption to scheming for world domination.
    • Initially she was tempted to drift off into fantasies, or use the time to plot or scheme but she knew this was wrong.