Translation of schism in Spanish:


cisma, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsɪz(ə)m//ˈskɪz(ə)m//ˈs(k)ɪzəm/


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    cisma masculine
    it produced schisms within the group creó escisiones en el grupo
    • However, the stress she places on their emergence because of, not in spite of, a schism in the cultural industry ignores their colonized positions.
    • Well, I'm afraid there's also a schism within the residential practice itself - between the custom architect and the production architect.
    • The group makes psychedelic music born of cabin fever rather than hallucinogenics, and in their solitude, they have crafted an album that fits snugly within the temporal schism dividing many of us.
    • Obliged to adopt the remuneration norms from the West, the Churches abandoned in part their tradition of equality, and a new schism entered into ecclesiastical society between the rich and the less well off.
    • The move threatens to create a schism in the Church, pitting modernisers against traditionalists.
    • Or the emotional schism caused by choosing between two parents?
    • Great schisms have developed on such issues as biotechnology, agriculture, services, and culture.
    • However, other controversies appear to reflect some of the deeper schisms within psychology itself.
    • The author outlines both the commonalities that define science fiction fandom and the tensions and schisms within the community, focusing on participants in organized clubs, amateur publications, and conventions.
    • His work deals with death, violence, the schism between society's ideals and behaviour - very metaphorical work.
    • Internal schism and instability led to Roman invasion and occupation.
    • He entered federal parliament in 1928 and was defeated at the end of 1931 as the Australian Labor Party succumbed in NSW to a schism between the federal party and the supporters of J. T. Lang.
    • A further schism developed among those favoring the colony's existence.
    • Surely this must produce a deep schism in a sense between science and Buddhism from the very beginning?
    • Coalition leadership within a single military organization easily can create schisms with the potential to tear a unit apart.
    • A dangerous schism in the Russian party developed with the emergence of the view known as Economism.
    • Although he survived the motion, it caused a schism in the government and among coalition partners.
    • Held under these conditions, the elections could only be expected to deepen such schisms.
    • The debate was described by some as a generational schism within the profession.
    • For him to spurn the former first lady would be to cause a schism in the party.