Translation of schlep in Spanish:



Pronunciation /ʃlɛp//ʃlɛp/

intransitive verbschlepped, schlepping


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    I'm not going to schlep across town to see him no me voy a pegar la paliza de cruzar la ciudad solo para verlo informal
    • Cracking our eyes open to the alarm clock, we pull on whatever is lying at the head of the bed or on the floor, schlepping out the door with layer upon layers and shuffling to class with our heads down, the icy wind bruising our necks.
    • So the first 125 pages are Alice and Jack schlepping around Northern European seaports and tattoo parlors in search of William.
    • Unless you're the Rolling Stones, or one of those forgotten relics of the 1970s schlepping round the nostalgia circuit, you don't tour for profit; you tour to promote your latest release.
    • I don't mean when you schlep out in the morning in your slippers and robe to pick up your newspaper - I mean actually wearing your house slippers to work, or even to restaurants and social functions.
    • We're actually quite a hopeful, not to say romantic, lot schlepping off to plays week after week in hopes of being swept off our feet.
    • Only the audience knows of the cockroaches, and our main characters are schlepping around looking around for human killers.
    • For days at a time, a CEO must schlepp from city to city, pitching his or her company to skeptical investment bankers.
    • But no, the lure of Mammon is so great that they've schlepped into town and braved the crowds for the dubious delights of risking death-by-stampede in the lighting department.
    • After a long day at the hospital, you're schlepping home to baby-sit me, instead of going straight to your own house and hopping into a nice warm bath.
    • That's why last week I schlepped out to Concordia's Loyola campus to watch a rehearsal.
    • He considered going to drama school but ended up at Glasgow School of Art in 1968, which must have been a pretty good year to go schlepping up and down Sauchiehall Street with paint on your flares.
    • Listen, I know the guy schlepped to Antarctica for a month searching for some damn albino penguin; thanks.
    • It is more because I have twice schlepped all the way down there (an hour on public transport) and found it - quite randomly - shut.
    • Two weeks, three continents, six airports, and two boat rides later, I'm in Bukit Lawang, at the edge of Gunung Leuser National Park in north-central Sumatra, about to schlepp to the park's western side.
    • You had the presence of mind to think of it, even after you'd schlepped over to see Jem.
    • Even if they bring back memories of geography teachers schlepping around in the same faded pair for years, you can't budge for cords this winter.
    • As she zips it up and starts modeling, she says, ‘I kept thinking about women schlepping around a city like New York.’
    • Waking up and walking into other room vs. waking up and schlepping to work: the former is preferable.
    • You can't just schlepp around in a bustle and a train.
    • They end up schlepping for scraps at the beck and call of those who have taken over their little paradise.

transitive verbschlepped, schlepping

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    (furniture/shopping) arrastrar
    • We've been busting our humps schlepping our out-of-town visitors to tattoo parlours and stockyards.
    • Joseph's tax affairs (his whole reason for schlepping his emergent family to Bethlehem) must have been thrown into disarray by the sudden acquisition of gold that would be very hard to account for.
    • Often I'm just too tired at the end of the day to schlepp over my scanner.
    • Though the weak economy may lead people to schlepp their sofas on their own, those with a certain amount of stuff will always rely on movers.
    • In fact, I had quite brazenly walked into the shop, filled my shopping bag with incendiaries, thanked and said goodbye to the owner's son, Allan, and then schlepped my ill-gotten goods into the deli next door.
    • Should you happen to be schlepping your own canoe or kayak, take it to Riverside Park, where you can put in and take out with no need for a shuttle.
    • He schleps your bags upstairs and helps to keep values in proportion along the Italian Riviera.
    • His punishment was to schlep a boulder up a hill, only for him to see it roll down the hill again once he had almost reached the top.
    • We'd all love the luxury of a driving service to pick us up, take us to the office and schlep us back home.
    • Now, all I have to do is schlepp everything back to the flat tonight.
    • To train for schlepping the 200-plus pound sledges, he suggests that clients drag a string of tractor tires behind them on their favorite hikes.
    • When camera gear needed to be schlepped up four decks, everybody schlepped it.
    • It was a hot day, and I was already schlepping a half dozen heavy packages.
    • In many places around the country, you'll find a monthly antique flea market; sometimes, at the end of the day, sellers actually leave things behind because they don't want to schlepp them home.
    • Actually, even the kitchen sink is fair game if it fits in the boat and can be schlepped across a portage.
    • But independent contractors have usually had to schlepp broken machines to computer-repair shops; house calls were unheard of.
    • I was up and out the door at a reasonable hour yesterday, so I stopped by the gym to drop my gear off so I didn't have to schlepp it to and from work as I usually do.
    • When it comes to schlepping dairy products into the wilderness, leave the squishy Brie and sweaty cheddar at home.
    • Mostly I marched when I was told to march, sat down where I was told to sit down, schlepped what I was told to schlepp.