Translation of schmaltzy in Spanish:


sensiblero, adj.

(schmalzy, shmalzy, shmaltzy)

Pronunciation /ˈʃmɔltsi//ˈʃmɑltsi//ˈʃmɒltsi//ˈʃmɔːltsi/

adjectiveschmaltziest, schmaltzier


  • 1

    • The first full-scale dance melody was given an almost schmaltzy swing.
    • The characters are appealing and wholesome without being schmaltzy.
    • If you listen to his earlier work a lot of it sounds schmaltzy by today's standards.
    • For all the dark wordplay, the album is an aural equivalent of that old American favourite, the schmaltzy biopic.
    • At the risk of sounding completely schmaltzy, it was the best, most meaningful Canada Day in my life thus far.
    • The script started off as smart and sharp but the end was way too schmaltzy.
    • I found most of the songs well performed, if a bit schmaltzy.
    • Oh, I know her music is mostly schmaltzy nonsense but it's fun.
    • Believe me, there is nothing schmaltzy about this riveting futuristic film noir thriller.
    • There are some redeeming features, but thus far the show needs to ditch the schmaltzy love triangles and sensationalism and focus on character and story.
    • I should add that the ending is uplifting, but totally schmaltzy.
    • Few musical reunions are anything better than schmaltzy and many are far worse.
    • It is the perfect blend of comedy and drama, carefully treading the fine line between sentimentality and humour so that it never becomes too schmaltzy or too dreary.
    • He switched to schmaltzy ballads that reinforced a cartoon notion of Greece.
    • It's a romantic melodrama that's not the least bit ironic nor schmaltzy.
    • The schmaltzy plot and overcooked acting made it hard to take the film very seriously.