Translation of schmooze in Spanish:


chismear, v.

Pronunciation /ʃmuːz//ʃmuz/

intransitive verb


  • 1

    chismear informal
    chismorrear informal
    cotillear Spain informal
    chismosear Southern Cone Colombia informal
    • It is purely a marketing event with the goal of creating buzz in the community and, at the same time, schmooze important advertisers.
    • Go and schmooze with a VP (trust me, if they have the time every bigwig likes to talk about himself - they might even buy the coffee).
    • He is a connoisseur of the finer things in life, well known for his ability to balance a glass of wine in one hand, canapés in the other, while still being able to schmooze the most stony-faced of guests.
    • At one of these confabs, I was obliged to tour the floor with my new boss, who wanted to show me how schmoozing the client should be done.
    • That said, this week's brimming with sparkling repartee and buzzing with bright ideas - so cruise and schmooze to your heart's content.
    • A well-ventilated humidor means you don't choke on the smoke and the richly lacquered communal bench in the centre is perfect for schmoozing those models and their mates.
    • We don't consider schmoozing at interviews to be a bad thing.
    • Saturday's the day to mingle, cruise and schmooze along Ste-Catherine street when Community Day shuts down one of downtown's main arteries.
    • So how does a supposed grassroots party leader and second-tier politician get an invite to schmooze with major world players?
    • He was schmoozed at dinner parties.
    • I figured I could use my half-Sicilian heritage as a platform with which to schmooze voters (I also brought my cleats).
    • Nearly once a month influence peddlers from different worlds gather to gossip, talk business, and schmooze at his Hollywood Hills home.
    • For $15 a day, you have a changing area, make-up mirrors, a huge bathroom with showers, fresh towels, shaving supplies and a lounge to schmooze in afterwards with all the chips and pop you want.
    • At the same time, he's conducting an affair with a college groupie who sideswiped him at a lecture and, beyond that, schmoozing a big shot who might get him a better job.
    • ‘Once the event is over you can schmooze if you like, but be respectful at all times,’ she will caution.
    • So maybe if he schmoozes with enough Scandinavian diplomats, some lucky chap down in Niagara-on-the-Lake will export a few more bottles of Pinot Noir; but I seriously doubt it.
    • Rather, these grown-ups smugly go about their business, sipping drinks and schmoozing one another in hopes of earning a big return on their initial investments.
    • The election process alone succeeds in mimicking the cutthroat environment of campaign promises, schmoozing constituencies, and mindless pride.
    • Your bud, meanwhile, has been cutting, pasting and schmoozing with him for months on yearbook staff.
    • Rather, they are about which studio head can buy the most magazine pages, which actor or actress has schmoozed the most parties, who is bedding whom and who is plotting revenge against whom.
    • We've always known that apart from a healthy outdoor sport that can turn you into an obsessive fruit and nut case, golf is a great way of socialising and schmoozing.
    • A lot of people tried to schmooze the director into playing Dracula.
    • She schmoozed the Fleet Street writer and barely tolerated the provincial hack.
    • Dan, a fresh-faced 40 year old, doesn't get the chance to go boozing and schmoozing with the industry very much.
    • Is it because he doesn't schmooze reporters and is such a kind of a rigid, ex-Marine, by-the-book figure?
    • Despite his fortune, there are no yachts, no ski chalets, no private jets or villas in which to schmooze prime ministers.
    • We saw it was her, took the laptop over, schmoozed her, explained the project we were doing, and she said yes, she'd do it.
    • She'll meet, greet and schmooze you without you even realising it.
    • Two young women in knee-length boots and fixed smiles are schmoozing the room.
    • He is sociable and funny without being brassy, so whether he is schmoozing with customers at one of his restaurants or tossing vegetables on the grill during a regular appearance on Good Morning America, he is the ideal brand emissary.
    • These include a beautiful main bar lounge, an exclusive VIP area and another room with banquettes and booths that are perfect for sitting at with your bottle service and schmoozing your date or chatting with your mates.
    • Spaciously arranged so you can schmooze without getting your tush pinched, all the tables are good tables, although many prefer a station by the window where they can soak in the eye-candy out on the street.
    • Although this is when most of the pieces sell, to punters lubricated by plentiful glasses of wine (or, in this case, beer), it is also the time when the focus is on being seen and schmoozing rather than seeing what the show has to offer.
    • Bertie may no longer resemble the sort of guy who might schmooze you in a downtown cocktail bar but at least he does not look like the guy who would wake up suddenly and order you to cancel the party.
    • He moved through the crowd schmoozing and smiling, surrounded by an arc of secret service, his suit jacket tossed saucily over his shoulder.
    • Micheal schmoozed the man called Mr. Burkley with a few presentations about a few ideas he had.
    • While this glad-handing was politically motivated, we now also know that they are not above schmoozing with conmen for real-estate discounts.
    • Delightfully shameless, he chats his way though a barrage of rapid-fire lessons on how to schmooze, write, produce, direct, distribute, act and scam your way through the rather sordid underbelly that is the film biz.
    • Once on the scene, L.A. officers took control, got the information they needed, and returned to the road as fast as possible, wasting no time schmoozing with the citizenry.
    • I can't reach her through the crowds, but I take her presence as a good sign: I am going to be schmoozing with celebs at this festival, big time.
  • 2

    (at social function)
    darle a la lengua informal
    chacharear informal
    to schmooze with sb hacerle la pata a algn Chile informal

transitive verb

  • 1

    (ingratiate oneself with)
    hacerle el artículo a informal
    darle jabón a Spain informal
    hacerle la barba a Mexico informal
    hacerle la pata a Chile informal
    he schmoozeed his way to promotion con labia y zalamerías logró que lo ascendieran



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    labia para crear contactos feminine