Translation of schnapps in Spanish:


tipo de aguardiente, n.

Pronunciation /ʃnæps//ʃnaps/


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    tipo de aguardiente
    • Blend together a scoop of ice cream, a cup of canned or frozen fruit, and a couple shots of schnapps or other fruit-flavored alcohol.
    • Meat and fish dishes have greater prominence at these times, as do schnapps and other alcoholic beverages.
    • Favorite alcoholic beverages are beer, brandy, and schnapps.
    • I pulled out a glass from under the counter and put some ice in it and then poured some cinnamon schnapps, Irish cream, and melon liqueur into it and mixed it for a few seconds before adding a quick splash of rum.
    • While I did relish the opportunity to wear a super cute new dress, our preparatory cocktail of peach schnapps and Valium did not serve me well.
    • It was a mixture of root beer schnapps, peppermint schnapps, Kahlua, tequila, port wine, egg nog, and a splash of lime juice to make it curdle.
    • It is a fine-flavoured mix of red wine, passion fruit liqueur, orange liqueur, peach schnapps, and fruit juices.
    • There was an empty bottle of peach schnapps and a few beer cans scattered over the floor.
    • The road from high school rejects to rock 'n' roll sweethearts wasn't all peach schnapps and cream, though.
    • To keep everyone going, shots of peach schnapps are offered on the ski down to the day hut, which is located halfway up the ski field.
    • If it was up to you I'd have to drink schnapps and sake every night!
    • Coat a Martini or pony glass with grenadine, pour gin and peppermint schnapps over ice, shake, strain and pour into glass.
    • I'm in the Greek Islands, the sun is shining, the views are amazing and I think I still have some strawberry schnapps back at the hotel.
    • Perhaps the title holds a clue - if you drink schnapps, the episode probably seems a lot funnier.
    • Walking the Imperial Alps is definitely something to savour - mountains, meadows, fruits, cheese, beer, schnapps, wine, flowers, clanging cowbells - what more could you want from a holiday?
    • The schnapps won the silver medal at this year's International Wine and Spirits Awards at Guild Hall in London.
    • They were rewarded with a bottle of schnapps, which they drank as they worked.
    • Combine vanilla and butterscotch schnapps over ice and strain into a Martini glass.
    • There is only one potential drawback to making good-tasting cocktails using liqueurs, including schnapps.
    • The feeling of solitude in the mountains was incredible as we settled down to dinner, wine and yet more schnapps.