Translation of scintillate in Spanish:


centellear, v.

Pronunciation /ˈsɪn(t)lˌeɪt//ˈsɪntɪleɪt/

intransitive verb


  • 1

    (star/jewels) centellear
    (jewels/star) destellar
    (star/jewels) fulgurar literary
    • Walking in the night air along the Bosphorus where the city light scintillated on the water, I envied the dervishes their passion, their longing and their faith.
    • It can tell that one point of light is brighter than another, that some are scintillating and some are not, but it doesn't know why.
    • But things that scintillate are prone to burn out.
    • The large crowds which attend these lavish events in the ‘marriage season’ may be a bit talkative and restless, but always scintillate with so much feminine glamour and radiance all around.
    • In places it is punctured by bollards and peeled back to form benches, revealing glazed voids packed with multi-coloured fluorescent tubes that scintillate seductively with kaleidoscopic light.
    • But it required a particular sense of cavalier gall to display the jewel in the crown in all its glory, scintillating under the spring sky, a diamond that many in India believe rightfully belongs to them, on this solemn occasion.
    • You'll also appreciate how water is Sydney's greatest asset, making the city scintillate and dazzle.
    • Piano Concerto #15's opening allegro, for example, scintillates like sunlight on a choppy lake.
    • The script doesn't break new ground, or scintillate with New Yorker wit.
    • Its huge flanks are encased in a delicately ribbed translucent skin that scintillates arrestingly with both natural and artificial light.
    • Earle's tender voice soars and the delicate songwriting scintillates.
    • Screens of slatted walnut cast stark geometric shadows through the tall, luminous spaces, and water scintillates against stark planes of concrete and glass.
    • In addition, the exposed lantern tissue of P. versicolor males, when immersed in firefly saline high in potassium and calcium ions, scintillates with hundreds of photocytes flashing in random fashion.
    • Concerts are held here on summer evenings, with the room scintillating to the light of two thousand reflected candles.
    • The gem scintillates a confused yellowish-green, before the yellow fades from it and it appears as an emerald.
    • He has proven himself a prodigious master of the qanun, an 81-string Arabic zither, his dexterous plucking unlocking the instrument's potential to scintillate and shine.