Translation of score in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /skɔː//skɔr/


  • 1

    • 1.1(in game)

      the final score el resultado final
      • there was no score no hubo goles (/ tantos etc. )
      • what's the score? ¿cómo va el marcador?
      • what was the score? ¿cómo terminó el partido (/ encuentro etc. )?
      • after 20 minutes the score was 2:1 to United a los 20 minutos de juego el United ganaba (por) 2 a 1
      • to keep (the) score llevar la cuenta de los tantos (/ goles etc. )

    • 1.2(point, goal)

      tanto masculine
      they need a score quickly tienen que marcar (/ meter un gol etc. ) ya
      • Girbes-Pierce hit Jarrette a third time from 2-yards out to put his team two scores ahead of the Scots.
      • The only other score of the game came at the end of the third quarter for the Pipers on a 23-yard field goal attempt.
      • Tim Bauer helped to seal the win, with a 50-yard kick return that set up the final score of the game, a three point penalty kick, also by Mr. Bauer.
      • Munson snuck into the end zone from two yards out for the Scots' second touchdown score.
      • This bonus is potentially the most important score for players, as it helps fill up your flash-o-meter.

    • 1.3(in competition, test etc)

      puntuación feminine
      puntaje masculine Latin America
      he got a perfect score obtuvo la máxima puntuación
      • what was your score on the test? ¿qué puntaje sacaste en la prueba?
      • Because every school must publish its test scores, parents will have a much better idea if their school lags behind others in the state.
      • Grades and test scores are important, but what a student can bring to a university community can sometimes be even more significant.
      • An equal percentage felt the same way about customer satisfaction scores.
      • Soon after, Western brought it down for a third goal and the final score was 3-0.
      • For both sexes there was a significant trend of increasing mean scores with increasing birth weight.
      • The Lancers, however, were able to hold onto their lead, and won the game by a final score of 60-51.
      • It did not matter much; what mattered most to them was the final score of the game.
      • He watched for the scores on his favorite teams and finally turned it off.
      • Fans and players alike know that as long as the ball is in the air as the final buzzer sounds, a team can still score and win the game provided the score is close enough.
      • The boards on the walls turn out to be squad rankings, combat exercise scores, award runnings.
      • After dividing the class in half, everyone got their partners who were to record their time scores.
      • Impressive test scores and grades help, of course.
      • Also, children whose mothers gave disapproving looks, criticized them and gave support had lower verbal and math scores on the IQ test.
      • Students counted daily attendances and absences, team numbers, scores in games, chairs and tables, and counted down the days to important events in their lives.
      • Of course, about 3.2 million people will publicly pick the final score of this game this week.
      • US soccer fans will be alerted to goals scored and conceded, along with half-time and full-time scores every time their team plays.
      • For example, paying off your credit card balance or closing unneeded accounts could raise your score.
      • You're going to wind up with realistic final scores, not 60-points-for-each-side shoot-outs.
      • He caught the late sports scores and admitted losing a bet on a particular game.
      • Waterloo won by a score of 78-67, notching their fifth win of the season.
      • Customers' satisfaction scores were based on their perceptions of companies' prices, quality, and ability to meet expectations.
      • Test scores increase, reading levels rise, and teachers report fewer disciplinary problems.
      • No respondent gained a score of 25 and no respondents gained zero or one correct response.
      • Despite a six-point lead at half time, the Clan narrowly escaped defeat with a final score of 76-72 in the exhibition game.
      • Moreover, the rating scores for the non-native speakers were lower in level tones than contour tones, suggesting different degrees of difficulty for each tone.
      • The kicker Dracy McGowan finished it off with a 39-yard field goal, for a final score of 24-1.
      • Women with higher scores were more likely to eat nutritional food and exercise during pregnancy, said the authors.
      • Section 4 proposes a formula for computing members' research output scores that takes into account quality, quantity and contribution aspects.
      • The close game turned out to be low scoring, with a final score of 18-12, all points scored in the first half.
      • Hammond went on to say the game was closer than the final score indicated, as Waterloo rebounded from conceding two goals in the first half with a Crawford marker in the second half.
      • The final score was 90-53 as the game was played out in front of over 1,000 fans.
      • Though the final score was close, New Zealand seemed the better team throughout the tournament.
      • The final score reflected the home team's dominance, although the Oxford athletes put on a good show and should be encouraged by their performances at such an early stage of the season.
      • UW used a balanced scoring attack to double up the Paladins by a final score of 64-32.
      • Birthweight, indomethacin treatment, and other factors did not significantly impact children's scores on these tests.
      • They're proud, and you've gained way more than awesome report card scores - you've also earned some major respect.
      • The weighted scores for each ulcer were then tallied to obtain a cumulative score.
      • Total the three scores on each line to get your totals.
      • After meeting in-town rival Laurier in an away game, the final score on Saturday stood at 1-1.
      • Parental size and peripregnancy variables by pattern of change in weight standard deviation scores between zero and two years.

  • 2

    • 2.1(account)

      I have no worries on that score en ese sentido / a ese respecto no me preocupo
      • to have a score to settle tener una cuenta pendiente
      • to have a score to settle with sb tener que arreglar cuentas con algn
      • to pay off / settle old scores ajustar / saldar (las) cuentas pendientes

    • 2.2(situation)

      I told him about my past, so he knows the score le hablé de mi pasado, así que está al tanto de la situación
      • what's the score? are we going out or not? ¿qué pasa? / ¿en qué quedamos? ¿salimos o no salimos?
      • this is the score: I'll do it for $200 or not at all la cosa es así: o lo hago por 200 dólares o no lo hago

  • 3

    • 3.1(notation)

      partitura feminine
      he conducts without a score dirige sin partitura
      • to follow the score seguir la partitura
      • Anyone who could write three such imposing scores would have to be numbered among America's finest composers.
      • All the aforementioned score-reading strategies are useful when playing instrumental scores.
      • The top floor features bedrooms, the Maestro's old study-work room, and copious shelving for books, musical scores and the like.
      • Although I wasn't playing it myself, I saw the name of my future instrument written on a score for the very first time.
      • Just a half hour of sleep is critical to maintaining or improving performance in repetitive tasks such as screening baggage or practicing a musical score.
      • In private, however, he asked his friend, the conductor Mstislav Rostropovich, to record the 1932 score if he ever managed to leave the Soviet Union.
      • Many were the instruments and singers interchanging scores and vocal lines during the Baroque Era.
      • That explains in part the title of this CD, which refers specifically to a description he often wrote in his scores to evoke a fanciful mood or gesture.
      • Additionally there will be a live band of five musicians to perform the score written by Cuban composer Miguel Núñes.
      • For more than 1,000 years composers have undertaken to write down their most direct experiences and directions in the code books we call musical scores.
      • To further avoid any misunderstandings about his scores he would often write messages on them for engravers when he wanted to clarify notational details.
      • Both scores - the texts as well as Bach's intense musical response to them - are riddled with references to death and dying.
      • In 1847 Schumann penned one of his greatest chamber music scores - the Piano Trio No 1 in D minor Op 63.
      • Although the text becomes critical in providing the words, the musical score typically becomes no more than a minor visual prompt, if that.
      • Ideally, one might wish for translations to the texts of the vocal examples and a few more musical scores for the CDs, so that one could follow more of the points being made.
      • I have transfer students who consistently ignore fingerings I write in the score.
      • She sold many of his musical scores and manuscripts to the Smithsonian Institute in 1991.
      • And we all know that musical scores don't just appear on manuscript paper overnight.
      • Although he wrote scores for cello, voice, and orchestra, Chopin regarded the keyboard as supreme.
      • Both composers wrote scores that were imbued with the spirit of incipient Czech nationalism.

    • 3.2(music for show, movie)

      música feminine
      • While Carpenter is known as a great director, he's also very good at creating atmospheric music scores for his films.
      • What is your philosophy in composing your film scores?
      • Electronic compositions are more orchestral in their approach and are similar to the music heard in film scores.
      • It has probably been the most fulfilling computer game score I've written so far.
      • The Emmy award winning score works to enhance and drive the story along, not just accompany it.
      • From popular music genres to various folk musics to film score and cartoon soundtracks - any style is fair game.
      • Thus, as diegetic music returns in the film's original score, it links scenes together, and adds to the film's unity.
      • In his lifetime, Berlin supplied the score for 19 films, six of them starring Fred Astaire.
      • Forster was closely involved with the music score and it is a powerful aspect of the film.
      • After some 200 film scores, Elmer Bernstein was considered one of the last of the giants in the world of movie music.
      • Elmer Bernstein composed the musical scores of five feature films in 1953, his third year as a film composer.
      • The CD consists mostly of Copland film scores, in close to their original form.
      • It is beautiful music and one of the best film scores of the '80s.
      • He now has a grand total of 40 movie scores and four Emmy awards, a Tony and three Golden Globe awards to go with his three Oscars.
      • However, Walton is most remembered for his splendid scores for films starring Laurence Olivier.
      • When I go to a movie, I listen to the film scores to see how the music interprets the action.
      • Another usual practice in other movies is to pepper a film score with various songs or pop tunes as shorthand for whatever developments are taking place.
      • Like his film scores, this is Shostakovich in a populist vein.
      • The other problem is the musical score of the film, which thunders and sighs unrelentingly.
      • There are a multitude of directional effects and surround sounds to be found on this track, including a rollicking score at the film's bombastic finale.

  • 4

    marca feminine
    muesca feminine
  • 5

    veintena feminine
    she lived to be four score years and ten vivió hasta los 90 años
    • there were scores of people there había muchísima gente
    • Combined with recruiting units from the barracks, you can easily, when conditions arise, build armies with a score of siege weapons and a legion of men.
    • He licked them off the ground by the score, relishing their crunchy texture.
    • The others, just a score in all, crowded around him in the underbrush, shaking rain from their leather armor.
    • Reports came swarming in by the score, of the damage done to the coastal towns and forests.
    • There have been rallies and vigils by the score in small towns.
    • In India, cattle are there by the score, because of the Hindu faith.
    • Today, with tourists in too much of a rush to stop, much less linger, the number of tables has shrunk to a score or so.
    • For a city with hotels by the score, Seattle can be a tough place to find a bed.
    • A score of men crowded the little courtyard visible at the end of the alley.
    • Even so, the Europeans were intruders, emerging by the score from their towering vessels, appearing and disappearing without warning, violating sacred sites.
    • In the eighteenth century the great naturalist, Gilbert White of Selborne, paid a man to shoot blackbirds by the score every spring to protect his fruit trees.
    • It also has about a score of drugs in late stages of clinical trials.
    • First of all, there was the Prime Minister's impending knee operation in Mumbai that scored newsprint by the score.
    • During the eighteenth century, instability became a feature of government with ministers dismissed by the score.
    • Now he's at it again, wiping out landmarks by the score.
    • Nearly a score of public bus lines already serve the neighborhood, while greenway trails connect to hundreds of miles of regional bikeways.

transitive verb

  • 1

    anotar(se) Latin America
    to score a basket encestar
    • you score 20 points for that eso te da 20 puntos
    • he scored three homeruns anotó tres jonrones
  • 2

    (in competition, test)
    (person) sacar
    I scored 70% saqué 70 sobre 100
    • he scored the highest marks sacó / obtuvo el puntaje más alto
    • correct answers score five points each cada respuesta correcta vale / da cinco puntos
  • 3

    (triumph/success) lograr
    (success/triumph) conseguir
    to score a political victory lograr / conseguir una victoria política
  • 4

    (cut, mark)
    (fish/meat/bread) hacer unos cortes en
    (surface/paper) marcar
    the text had been heavily scored with underlinings el texto estaba lleno de subrayados
    • age had scored his face with lines el paso del tiempo le había surcado el rostro de arrugas
  • 5

    (write) escribir
    (write) componer
    (arrange) hacer un arreglo de

intransitive verb

  • 1

    anotar(se) un tanto
    a high/low-scoring game un partido en el que se marcaron / se hicieron muchos/pocos goles (/ tantos etc. )
  • 2

    (in competition, test)
    he scored well in the exam obtuvo / sacó un puntaje alto en el examen Latin America
    • team A scored very high in the first round el equipo A (se) anotó muchos puntos en la primera vuelta
  • 3

    (do well)
    this car scores in terms of economy este coche (se) destaca por lo económico
    • to score over sth/sb aventajar / superar a algo/algn
    • this is where our product scores over its rivals en esto es en lo que nuestro producto supera / aventaja a sus rivales
  • 4slang

    (obtain drugs)
    conseguir droga
    pichicatear Peru Southern Cone informal
    conectar Mexico slang
  • 5slang

    (have sex)
    did you score with her? ¿te acostaste con ella?