Translation of scorer in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ˈskɔːrə//ˈskɔrər/


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    who were the scorers? ¿quiénes fueron los anotadores? Latin America
    • the highest goal scorer this season el máximo goleador de esta temporada
    • In Pancev, they possessed the continent's most prolific scorer, with 34 goals for his club.
    • McGiver was also a deadly marksman during the preliminary round of play scoring 10 goals to lead all scorers.
    • After quickly getting among the Conference top scorers this season, goals have been hard to come by for Mullin in recent weeks.
    • Jon Newby, now top scorer after his seventh goal of the season, would be a prime target for ambitious clubs.
    • All hits on scorers after a goal should be considered attempts to injure and be penalized as such.

    jugador que marca uno o más tantos

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    who's going to be scorer? ¿quién se va a encargar del marcador?