Translation of Scottish in Spanish:


escocés, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈskɑdɪʃ//ˈskɒtɪʃ/


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    Scottish National Party Partido Nacionalista Escocés masculine
    • Scottish nationalism nacionalismo escocés
    • the Scottish Parliament el Parlamento Escocés
    • The Scottish executive said it was confident it would meet its recruitment target.
    • One expects New York critics not to care a hoot about Scottish books but they do.
    • We are both Scottish and we both do figurative paintings set in a seedy underworld.
    • He says he's become tired of Scottish newspapers sniping at each other in the media pages.
    • We need to look at how the foreign corporate community can make best use out of Scottish brain power.
    • The first thing is to build up a new team and I need to build up the youth and get quality in Scottish football.
    • He denies that he will use his new role to get Scottish dancing onto the national curriculum.
    • Greenhorn is not the first writer to focus on the softer side of Scottish life.
    • They will try to convince the consumer that it is as Scottish as heather and rainy summers.
    • She said a lot of work was now being done to enhance and raise the levels of R&D among Scottish firms.
    • It is surely undeniable that the hairy comedian is, in fact, as Scottish as you can be.
    • If they wish to do a showcase of Scottish theatre then they should fund it each year and fund it properly.
    • If Edinburgh make it out alive then it will rank as one of the great achievements in Scottish rugby.
    • Every history of Scotland is an essay on Scottish identity, and this one is no different.
    • The three Scottish guests were on their feet, shouting and cheering with the best of them.
    • It helps that most of us are Scottish and everyone is desperate to win for themselves and for the team.
    • In a Scottish election year it is incumbent upon all political parties to take a view on this issue.
    • The Conservatives have won a majority of seats and votes in a Scottish general election.
    • There has been fishing in Scottish waters as long as there has been coastal habitation.
    • She was a patron of many Scottish charities to which she wholeheartedly gave her support.