Translation of scout in Spanish:


explorador, n.

Pronunciation /skaʊt//skaʊt/


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    • 1.1

      (person) explorador masculine
      (person) exploradora feminine
      (masculine and feminine) (person) escucha
      (unit) patrulla de reconocimiento feminine
      (unit) avanzada feminine
      (vehicle) vehículo de reconocimiento masculine
      • Four days had passed before Lord Light ordered his force to a halt, and sent scouts out ahead to find the disposition of the bridge.
      • The insignia depicted the head of an Indian scout wearing a helmet peering through a cloud, signifying the squadron's role as an aerial scout for the Army.
      • Then, Spetnaz troops and scouts were sent ahead of the armor to eliminate RPG-armed snipers.
      • A scout ahead of the main group gave Seth the final signal that the men were ready to detonate the charges, by reflecting the sun in a piece of glass.
      • Advance scouts rode ahead into the darkness, but the enemy seemed to have withdrawn.
      • When scouts reported a river ahead, the army dissolved into a mob and ran for it.
      • Gadi sent ahead five scouts and they all came back with reports.
      • The Germans had developed some new techniques - one of which was to have several layers of scouts flying in close formation, one on top of another.
      • Just then, the scouts he had sent ahead, came running back.
      • Now we have sent one of the village's best scouts to gather further information, so that our village will be prepared for an attack.
      • Some units deploy their scouts forward, while others do not.
      • From here General Custer sent scouts out to ascertain the strength and locality of the enemy.
      • Of course, that suggestion had been shot down faster than a Spectral scout.
      • The scouts gathered the information they wanted without any excitement, just like the first trip, and turned onto a road that would take them out of town.
      • Because they have night vision capabilities, the snipers can track and engage several enemy scouts during training.
      • Collection efforts of the RSTA squadron and infantry battalion scouts should be complementary.
      • It can direct close air support missions, act as a killer scout on the battlefield and help protect friendly troops.
      • We will also see a significant increase in the number of scouts to man UA reconnaissance formations.
      • In response, he began sending his advance scouts further afield as they drew closer to the enemy.
      • Many Native soldiers were used as reconnaissance scouts and snipers and were very effective at their craft and won much acclaim for their deeds.
      • We sent a picket ship as a scout, your government destroyed half of it, and stole all the remains.
      • The surviving M3 tank, along with the scouts, began movement back to the main body of the 45th Infantry.
      • There are thirty fighters, two scouts, ten bombers, and three long range fighters.
      • With both reconnaissance scouts dead, Theorton grabbed the assault rifle of one and ducked behind the nearest boulder in sight.
      • They were to get behind enemy lines and act as scouts and gather intelligence to feed back to British military headquarters.
      • The Indian scouts attached to Custer's overland force were among the best in the Montana and Wyoming area.
      • As the soldiers leapt from the boats, Rhia watched them move quickly up the beach, taking up position, sending advance scouts.

    • 1.2(look, search)

      to have a scout around (the area) hacer un reconocimiento de la zona
      • He fancied a scout round Victoria but I told him I preferred Wapping instead.
      • I want to have a quick scout round.
      • With a preliminary scout of the area and a sketch map, we were someway nearer as to understanding where everything was in relation to each other.

  • 2Scout

    (Boy Scout) explorador masculine
    (Boy Scout) (boy) scout masculine
    (Girl Scout) exploradora feminine
    (Girl Scout) (girl) scout feminine
    before noun the scout movement el movimiento de los scouts
  • 3talent scout

    (masculine and feminine) cazatalentos
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    (at Oxford University)
    criado masculine

intransitive verb

  • 1

    reconocer el terreno
  • 2to scout for

    andar en busca de
    he was scouting for work andaba en busca de trabajo