Translation of scraggy in Spanish:


esmirriado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈskraɡi/

adjectivescraggier, scraggiest

  • 1

    • You didn't always look like a scraggy old man?
    • The Prior planted his crops around them, and in their shade the scraggy sheep nibbled the grasses.
    • One day in the mountains I met a young shepherd and we chatted for over half an hour while his scraggy sheep tinkled and grazed.
    • I always found myself embarrassed when confronted with pictures of scraggy or sagging wives and overfed, grinning offspring.
    • After unwinding during my sculpting class I could stop off for a giant pretzel or could hear a dozen scraggy men playing acoustic tunes on their guitars.
    • I sat next to a scraggy woman whose child in the seat behind leant forward between us and asked her why some people go on holiday on their own.
    • Last year a thin, scraggy squirrel appeared in my garden from nowhere, looking hungry.
    • What was a scraggy teenager doing in their favorite café, how could such a feeble creature as myself ever appreciate the true value of such a cultured beverage as tea?
    • The young boy, scraggly and thin, struggled against him before kicking him in the leg and darting off.
    • A scraggy goat has two Queen's College pupils to thank for its life after spending a week in a small crevice on a rugged mountain top.
    • The boy was scraggly and thin, and his strange, purple eyes were constantly darting this way and that.
    • Unknown to her, a tall, scraggy man stood in the doorway, watching her.
    • I went to check my balance at a cashpoint and noticed a rather scraggy man leaning in the window of a white van parked beside the cashpoint.
    • You can't really see from the picture but his back end is still very scraggly and he's extremely thin under the bushy fur that remains around his shoulders and head.
    • Tina smiled at a scraggy boy who was leaning against the railing as she walked past him.
    • There were flies by the billions, dirt and refuse everywhere, and scraggy dogs searching in the stalls for food.
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    (meat) duro
    (meat) malo