Translation of scram in Spanish:


largarse, v.

Pronunciation /skram//skræm/

intransitive verbscrammed, scramming


  • 1

    (person) largarse informal
    (person) rajar Southern Cone informal
    (person) pirárselas Spain informal
    go on, scram! ¡fuera / largo de aquí! informal
    • Aurora would very much like to tell him to scram but she really did need his help.
    • Connie, go tell those kids to scram, will you?
    • He scrammed, and I watched him leave with relief.
    • If you don't want me to call the police you'd better scram.
    • I ordered him to scram, under the pretense of changing into warmer clothes.
    • The man rolled his eyes, ‘All right, take it and scram, and don't tell anyone I let you off.’
    • His enlightened philosophy was either improve business or scram.
    • So we just hang out here and scram when a teacher comes by.
    • He hollered, scram if our know what's good for you, and I ran fast.
    • I had to spend seven rupees on you - give my money back and get the hell out of my house - scram!
    • He just saved this girl and now she's telling him to scram?
    • They would have to scram before the government launched a campaign against them.
    • He plans the crime, he breaks in, bypasses security and scrams with the paintings… only to have his van run out of petrol.
    • ‘Now scram,’ slurred the voice with a mobster accent.
    • I nodded her away, praying that she'd take the hint and scram.
    • He climbed up the steps three at a time, gave a hasty good-bye to my dear relatives, told me he'd meet me at the hotel, and quickly scrammed.
    • He was starting to tell me when and where to meet him when you came skipping past and I told you to scram, remember that?
    • Well, I advise you two to scram before you get hurt.
    • You guys have ten seconds to scram before I come after you with a sledge hammer!
    • They wanted five months' rent up front and promised just 60 days' notice in the event they wanted us to scram.