Translation of scrape in Spanish:


Pronunciation /skreɪp//skreɪp/


  • 1

    • 1.1(act)

      to give raspasth a scrape raspar algo

    • 1.2(sound)

      chirrido masculine
      • He slammed the door shut and they heard the scrape of a key in the lock.
      • Passing under the breezeways, there was no sound but the scrape of plastic and concrete, twine and dry skin.
      • I heard the faint scrape of a boot below me; I jumped to the ground.
      • Lore could hear the scrape of his fingernail against his tooth, and her skin crawled.
      • After about twenty seconds, he heard the subtle scrape of metal as the door was unlocked.
      • The second movement begins with percussion sounds (cymbal scrapes and maracas).
      • While slamming doors and sandpaper scrapes produce sounds, they generally are not perceived as musical because they lack a continuous fundamental tone.
      • I heard the scrape of a dry flint and another man, very regal-looking, materialized.
      • He heard a scrape of something against rock and looked up in dread.
      • The acoustic guitar sounds a strangled folk tune and the scrape of the strings is sourced and dragged through the track.
      • The whole mess was eerily silent, the only sound the scrape of spoons.
      • As he carried the body to the wagon, he could hear the scrape of the shovel on the soil.
      • As if the sound were a signal, the stone lid began to ease back with the grinding scrape of stone on stone.
      • Instead, he heard the scrape of a feed bag being dragged across the floor.
      • But as I began mentally working out the plot of my next unpublished novel, I heard the unmistakable scrape of skis approaching from behind.
      • Flavia heard the scrape of footsteps, quick and light, on the loose rocks of the road.
      • He could hear the scrape of their shoes on the asphalt as they stood, waiting.
      • In places, the boat gets so close to the rocky cliffs that we expect to hear an agonizing scrape.
      • There, in that corner room, I heard little more than the scrape of the big pecan tree on the roof.
      • I ran for the door and opened it just as I heard the scrape of a metal key against the inside of a lock.

  • 2informal

    lío masculine informal
    apuro masculine
    to get into a scrape meterse en un lío informal
    • they helped me out of a scrape me sacaron de un lío
    • He was one of the great characters, capable of getting himself into the most awful scrapes and then extracting himself from the mire by using his agile brain and wit.
    • Other adventurers, thousands of them, doubtless got into similar scrapes and difficulties, but they ended their days on a dueller's sword or died in a debtors' prison.
    • It took him seven years to untangle that dream but a man who could sing like Uncle Jim was bound to get in scrapes now and then: he expected it and we expected it.
    • He has preached of walking away from scrapes and avoiding trouble because players must behave for the sake of the game.
    • This year she's gotten me out of more scrapes than usual, and bought us our own home-use stomach pump, so I needed to be extra expressive.
    • The siblings always get into some kind of scrape or moral dilemma, and there are a lot of siblings to choose from.
    • Haven't you been in worse scrapes with Gina?
    • For Mr Morgan, it may provide the toughest test yet of his durability as Mirror editor following a series of difficult scrapes.
    • He has a fortunate knack of emerging victorious from difficult scrapes.
    • He was a brash, very arrogant, sort of combative personality, which got him into a lot of scrapes on the court.
    • Each week, members of the public get the chance to lure their loved ones into wittily original set-ups, scrapes and moral dilemmas.
    • Some years ago, before she got busy getting people out of scrapes, Prudie went as a reporter to a nudists' event in Indiana.
    • Thus small-time con man Moss gets mixed up with real villains and, predictably, blackly comic scrapes ensue.
    • During that time, he endured a series of scrapes, some deeply embarrassing, before the fall-out from an affair finally cost him the arts brief.
    • Since I'm on the football team and I had some scrapes with those guys, a lot of people want to blame me.
  • 3British informal

    legrado masculine
    raspado masculine
    raspaje masculine Southern Cone

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1

      (rub against) rozar
      (grate against) rascar
      it just scraped the surface apenas rozó la superficie
      • he scraped the bow across the strings rascó las cuerdas con el arco
      • don't scrape your chair on the floor no arrastres la silla
      • He could hear something scraping against the rough walls.
      • Suddenly she heard the sound of chains scraping as they descended the stairs, accompanied by the heavy footsteps of the goblins.
      • Lilith opened the door, careful to lift it slightly so that it would not scrape against the ground.
      • Along the way, I scraped my arm on some of the grips and kicked someone in the head.
      • Smashing through the rusty outer hull of the Vanguard was easy, though I scraped my hand and arm along the way.
      • He crept a little more into the alley, his boots scraping on the abandoned cobblestones.
      • Ms. Lamell shouted over the sounds of chairs and desks scraping against the floor.
      • By the sound of the leather boots scraping against the ground, I realized that it was Master Hermance.
      • It took them less than five minutes to damage the truck, scraping it along another vehicle while trying to park.
      • I stayed at her side as we threaded our way through the room, accompanied by the sound of furniture scraping on the floor as patrons shied away from me.
      • The branches of trees scraped my arms, leaving in their wake bloody trails along my skin, but there was no pain.
      • The screech of streetcars as their metal wheels scrape against metal tracks - I kept calling them trams and confusing those who didn't understand my origins.
      • The box scraped hard over the small rocks and sand creating an unsettling noise.
      • Successfully managed to crash the car by scraping the side along some concrete bollards.
      • I heard something scrape against the wall and turned to see Emma striking a match.
      • Her chin scraped against the rough bark of a fallen tree trunk and her arm twisted painfully beneath her.
      • The rough bark scraped her palms raw, but she ignored the pain and scrabbled up onto the branch.
      • I heard utensils scrape against the kitchen ware.
      • Spoons clatter, wooden benches scrape against the stone floor.
      • His boot heels scraped against the hardwood floor, eliciting a clipped echo from the plank boards.
      • There was a brief pause, as neither of us said anything; the only sound was the needle of my fountain pen scraping mundanely on the rough paper.
      • He scraped the length of a Ferrari Spider along a lorry, the prosecutor told Colchester Magistrates yesterday.
      • Along with the voices come some shuffling sounds, likes shoes scraping against concrete.
      • He attempted this, and only succeeded in scraping his back along the rough side of a stone that stuck out of the ground.
      • At any moment the viewer feels the object could collapse around Maloney or scrape her with its hard edges.
      • Kent slapped the cuffs on both of us, and then tugged cruelly on them, making them scrape against our skin.
      • Contractors are also updating the pool side and changing facilities, after bathers complained of scraping themselves on rough concrete around the pool when climbing in and out.
      • As I skidded, my right cheek scraped against the grey surface and my head tapped the concrete.
      • She continued to run through the harsh branches as they scraped her soft skin slightly.
      • His father's voice spoke closer and he heard his boots scrape against the steps.
      • She felt herself being caught and held, her cheek scraping against the rough concrete as he pulled her upwards.
      • He held it close enough to her throat so that if she moved in any direction she would scrape her neck on the blade of the dagger.
      • The van's sliding door scraped open and three kids got out; a boy and a girl in their early teens, and another boy a few years younger.
      • I heard shoes scrape against gravel, and I felt Dylan being yanked away from me.
      • Frankie tripped over his own foot and scraped his knee on the concrete sidewalk.
      • Residents say that their cars are being hit and scraped by motorists driving too fast along the road.
      • I reach it eventually and crawl inside, scraping myself in various places as I did so.
      • Kael looked up at the sound of the chair scraping back along the ground.
      • Josephine nodded in my direction and I heard the sound of a chair scraping against the wooden floor.
      • He had fallen headlong out of the car door, skidding and scraping his head along the concrete as he went.

    • 1.2(damage, graze)

      (paintwork) rayar
      (elbow/knee) rasparse
      (elbow/knee) rasguñarse

  • 2

    • 2.1(clean)

      (toast) raspar
      (potato/carrot) pelar
      (woodwork) raspar
      (woodwork) rascar
      (woodwork) rasquetear
      to scrape sth off / from sth
      • scrape the mud off your boots quítales el barro a las botas
      • she scraped the mold off the cheese raspó el moho del queso
      • he scraped away the layer of varnish le quitó la capa de barniz raspando / rasqueteando
      • While using, scrape the inside wall of the container often to keep residue from hardening and dropping pieces into the compound.
      • When I make dinner now and my children barely touch a bite, I see dollar bills going in the trash as I scrape the dinner dishes after the meal.
      • Using a lemon zester scrape the carrots to produce short pieces as you would if you were zesting a lemon.
      • From the cigarette pack he pulled a large sewing needle and began to scrape the insides of the bowl's tube.
      • ‘Fettlers’ would have chipped off the rough edges, and apprentices would have filed and scraped the surfaces to a brilliant finish.
      • There, the sight of techies tapping out messages on the BlackBerry was as common as snowplows scraping Chicago streets after a storm.
      • The track had been recently scraped smooth so the beck, the crystalline flow on many a Helmsley postcard, was a little dirty.
      • Simply scrape the surface of the carrots with the blade of a sharp knife - and it wastes less carrot, too.
      • The inner surface can be scraped off, sliced thin and used as an inlay for jewellery items.
      • Sometimes the ship just gets too overrun with barnacles and the whole thing has to be scraped clean.
      • Dip your brush lightly, scrape one side clean, then push a small blob of paint carefully along in front of the brush, like a bow wave in front of a boat.
      • My mother stood over the sink all day wiping and scraping the dirty round surfaces.
      • In many cases the surfaces are scraped and repainted and color areas are inlaid like pieces of marble.
      • My throat felt rather like it had been scraped with a sharp metal instrument.
      • In response to complaints, the Council scraped the surface of the car park earlier this year to remove the loose ground.
      • To do a Pap test, the nurse or doctor gently scrapes the surface of the cervix to collect lining cells.
      • Once the cut has been made, scrape the inside using an old spoon to remove all the seeds and membrane attached to the sides and bottom of the gourd.
      • Select a material for the porous dam that can be easily cleaned by scraping the surface.
      • Peel the onions and scrape or thinly peel the carrots (if they are young you could leave some of the green stalk on them).
      • But when the contractors began scraping the surface of the ground to renew the track, one of the machines caught against the main.

    • 2.2

      (pan/bowl) fregar
      (bowl/pan) restregar
      (hole) escarbar
      he scraped the plate clean rebañó el plato
      • We drove along a barely made road that petered out into a dirt track scraped out of the red sandy soil.
      • Elsewhere in Sri Lanka, residents took on burial efforts with forks or even bare hands to scrape a final resting place for victims.

  • 3

    (narrowly achieve)
    to scrape a pass aprobar raspando / arañando
    • to scrape a majority apenas alcanzar una escasa mayoría

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (rub, grate) rozar
    (make a noise) chirriar
    the roof scraped against the bridge el techo rozó el puente
  • 2

    • 2.1(manage with difficulty)

      the car barely scraped past the oncoming truck el coche pasó casi rozando el camión que venía
      • the team scraped home el equipo ganó por los pelos / por un pelo

    • 2.2(save)

      hacer economías
      • When she was their age, she thinks, we had to scrimp and scrape for soap.
      • In reality it is a country sharply divided between a privileged segment of society and millions of workers and middle class people scraping ever harder to make a living.
      • I scrimped and scraped to get everything they wanted.
      • Lamb prices had been off, so Oren was scraping hard to make his feed payments.