Translation of scrapheap in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈskræpˌhip//ˈskraphiːp/


  • 1

    to throw sth on the scrapheap desechar / descartar algo
    • at 50 he found himself on the scrapheap a los 50 años se vio sin trabajo y sin perspectivas de futuro
    • Well, you can throw that pledge on the scrap heap of desperate promises never kept.
    • The inventor believes the H2N-Gen will serve as a bridge between the present and the time when the combustion engine is relegated to the scrap heap of history.
    • All that is required is an artistic mind that finds unconventional uses for unwanted material dumped in scrap heaps, or abandoned in rubbish dumps.
    • Now, any director worth his or her salt wants to tackle the kind of subjects and scale that seemed to have been consigned to the scrap heap of cinema history.
    • Until the left does this, it'll have to be content to have it's home on the political scrap heap of history.
    • A group of aging veterans set out to rescue their beloved boat from the scrap heap by striking a deal to buy it from the Turkish navy and sail it home.
    • And the move towards digital and flat-screen TVs is likely to lead to millions of TVs being thrown on the scrap heap.
    • When obsolete, an automobile is thrown in the scrap heap.
    • With the nuclear scrap heap mounting, federal agencies and industry officials want a formalized recycling program in place to speed up the disposal.
    • ‘You never know what it's like with one of these bikes,’ says Mahlombe, pointing to a decaying bike that looks as if it belongs in a scrap heap.
    • I met with someone who had actually gone to a scrap heap and who had welded a couple of boxes around their Humvees in order to protect themselves.
    • Two men are hoping that it's not bangers and smash this weekend when they race to Naples in a car destined for the scrap heap.
    • Most cars did not make it back to the UK but ended their lives on a scrap heap in Naples.
    • Is he some crackpot pseudo-scientist consigned to the scrap heap of history?
    • What does an art teacher do when faced with a ton of plaster gauze and a bird bath salvaged from a scrap heap?
    • What's next for the scrap heap of medical history?
    • One looks at artists like Willie Bester, Patrick Mautloa and Kay Hassan who find their materials on the scrap heap and build them into powerful works.
    • The car had started to show signs of severe rusting around the body and has in all probability been consigned to the scrap heap.
    • By the time the air force and navy finished their attack on the ship, 34 people were dead, 171 injured, and the ship ready for the scrap heap.
    • What they left behind was a scrap heap of also-rans and angry old guys.