Translation of scratch in Spanish:


rasguño, n.

Pronunciation: /skratʃ//skrætʃ/


  • 1

    • 1.1(injury)

      rasguño masculine
      arañazo masculine
      it's just a scratch no es más que un rasguño
      • he escaped without a scratch resultó ileso
      • before noun scratch mark rasguño
      • My knees were bruised from tripping, and my arms and legs had scratches from tree branches that reached as far as they could to grab travelers.
      • Scratch marks will usually go away one or two weeks after treatment.
      • Any scratch, dent or mark, however little, is taken note of and fixed.
      • Her arms were covered in scratches and there was one extremely deep one that was still seeping some blood.
      • With scratches and flaws marking up the picture, I'm sad to report that this picture is sub-par.
      • The films are not well preserved, so there are plenty of scratches and burn marks, and dirt on the prints.
      • Traditional machines have individual grinding heads that travel in their own radius, leaving scratches or permanent marks.
      • The black scuff marks and smaller scratches left last Friday night don't bother me as much - they're merely cosmetic.
      • Conjunctivitis may also occur due to allergies or from a scratch on the surface of the eye.
      • His black shirt was torn, leaving her with a good look at his chest, filled with scratches and wounds.
      • If the flooring has spillage marks or deep scratches then get these attended to as quickly as possible.
      • Jodi had several scratches on her arms and, Vaughn assumed, on her legs as well.
      • Notice the puncture marks, scratches and big gash all the way to the lower right
      • He assured me that no-one will ever notice the small scratch mark he was able to make.
      • Her fingers brushed against the smooth glass of the jewel and she withdrew it, carefully inspecting it for chips or scratches.
      • Because granite is melted rock, it has uniform properties, which makes it quite hard and resistant to scratches.
      • This speed assures elimination of swirl marks and scratches in the wood.
      • These scratch marks, which resemble fine brown hairs, are always located on the upper third of the flower.
      • We had to apply it liberally on all wounds, even minor scratches and mosquito bites.
      • Which card is more likely to be marked by nicks and scratches on its edges?

    • 1.2(on paint, record, furniture)

      rayón masculine
      • The sound quality is fine, much as it was on the original LPs - minus the surface noise and scratches, however.
      • Yes, they were free from the scratches, clicks and pops that plagued records, but otherwise perfect they weren't.
      • For all that we now quest for absolute fidelity in recordings, I like the comforting scratch of an old record.
      • The scratches and surface noise of Jeck's vinyl further emphasise this notion.

    • 1.3(sound)

      chirrido masculine
      • A few moments later I heard the scratch of a match against a striker, then smelled the sweet acrid aroma of marijuana.
      • She crawled back into bed when she heard a scratch at her bedroom door.
      • He could hear the scratch of her pencil, and the air moving past the car.
      • There was a scratch at the door and the butler announced another visitor.
      • She was still holding the book and just staring at it when a scratch sounded at the door.
      • George on the camera is a genius and Frank on sound could make a chalk scratch on a blackboard sound like music.
      • A moment later we heard the unmistakable scratch of the front door closing, and the quiet start of an engine.
      • First came the sound of voices outside, a familiar chitter of laughter, then the scratch at the door.
      • Maybe it was fifteen minutes later when the scratch at the flimsy door disturbed us.
      • You need the right song to remix because there are certain ones that aren't constructed to add bleeps, scratches or a constant thumping bass line.
      • Embedded within Pole's framework of clicks, snaps and scratches are subtle yet absorbing layers of sound.
      • The same answer came and the scratch of a pen followed.
      • On the recording, however, I keep hearing the surreptitious scratch of a lighter.
      • Beeps, clicks and scratches run underneath - and alongside - strings, stand-up bass and a variety of percussion.
      • The only other noises were the scratches of the rats claws as they helped themselves to whatever was stored in their sanctuary.
      • It was just a scratch on the door, a muffled noise, and a little flashlight waving at the end of the hall.
      • Acoustic and seismic listening device: extremely sensitive tool which can hear the slightest tap or scratch of a trapped person.
      • The last ten minutes were silent broken only by the scratch of a pencil.
      • I then heard the scratch of a match against its box.

    • 1.4(act)

      to have a scratch rascarse
      • can you give my back a scratch? ¿me rascas la espalda?
      • I gave Wilma one last scratch behind the ear, and I ran downstairs.
      • The women resume their conversation and the dogs, no longer interested in each other have a scratch or look for more interesting smells to divert their attention.
      • I picked up the paper clip as my mind told me ‘Just one little scratch wont hurt.’
      • His tweed cap was removed only occasionally, and only long enough for a frustrated head scratch.
      • When you've got an itch on your back you'll do anything for a scratch and there's not much in the ocean to rub against.
      • She joked, reaching down to give the beast a scratch behind the ears.
      • Truman meowed again and accepted the offered scratch behind the ears with great appreciation.

  • 2USslang

    guita feminine slang
    lana feminine Latin America informal
    pasta feminine Spain informal
  • 3

    from scratch
    • he learned German from scratch in six months aprendió alemán en seis meses empezando desde cero
    • did you make the mayonnaise from scratch? ¿hiciste la mayonesa tú mismo?
    • I had to start from scratch tuve que empezar desde cero
    • up to scratch
    • he's simply not up to scratch simplemente no da la talla / no es lo suficientemente bueno
    • if his work comes up to scratch si su trabajo es del nivel requerido

transitive verb

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  • 2

    (record/paint/furniture) rayar
  • 3

    (with claws, nails)
    the cat has scratched all the chairs el gato ha arañado todas las sillas
    • she scratched my face me arañó la cara
  • 4

    (name/initials) marcar
    (initials/name) grabar
  • 5

    (to relieve itch)
    (rash/bite) rascarse
    could you scratch my back for me? ¿me rascas la espalda?
    • he scratched his head se rascó la cabeza
    • we're all scratching our heads, trying to think of a solution nos estamos devanando los sesos buscando una solución
    • you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours favor con favor se paga
  • 6

    (strike out, cancel)
    (sentence/word) tachar
  • 7

    (horse/athlete) retirar
  • 8

    (scribble hurriedly)

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (damage, wound)
  • 2

    (wool/sweater) raspar
    (wool/sweater) picar
  • 3

    (to relieve itching)
    don't scratch! ¡no te rasques!
  • 4

    (make scratching sound)
    it's the cat scratching at the door es el gato, que está arañando la puerta
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  • 1

    (runner/player) de primera
  • 2

    (haphazard, motley)
    (team/meal) improvisado