Translation of scree in Spanish:


pedregal, n.

Pronunciation /skriː//skri/


  • 1

    (en una ladera) pedregal masculine
    • The road turns to stone, the slopes to scree, and then came the top, the heather and our sandwich stop.
    • Within an hour the gentle slope has careened skyward, and with each step loose bits of scree tumble down on those unfortunate enough to be bringing up the rear.
    • Above us scree slopes hung like frozen waterfalls, vast boulders strewn among them where they had tumbled.
    • At its top end, the trench opened out into a shallow circular pit that had been built up with a parapet of scree stone and mud from the valley bottom.
    • Measurements were taken over 200 second intervals on vertical faces which had had as much loose scree and weathered material removed as possible.
    • At 9:20 A.M., I left the camp in a fresh 20-knot wind and headed off, slowly pacing up the treacherous rocky scree slopes.
    • That stone-heap on a west-facing slope, is it scree, or a cairn, or the remains of a house?
    • The roof gives one the sensation of sitting in a dry riverbed or mountain scree slope, particularly because it lacks containing barriers.
    • The view back down the valley was also becoming grander as we rose high above the dark scree slopes and meandering river.
    • It's a steep climb to the gap over loose scree and boulder slopes but the climbing eases off once you enter the narrow confines of The Window.
    • They nest in colonies in scree slopes along ice-free Antarctic and sub-Antarctic coasts, where they lay a single egg in a natural cavity.
    • I did some useful snow cartography of slopes and took measurements of scree slopes.
    • My knees were knocking just a little by the time I got down and I would recommend anyone who didn't like loose rock and scree to go back down the way they came.
    • Melting ice gave way to continual rocks falling down scree slopes and into glacial streams and underground ice caves.
    • We follow a path through the Montezuma Basin, then cut across slopes of scree.
    • Last autumn found me on a grueling research trip in the eastern Sierra, hauling heavy video equipment cross-country over loose scree and high passes.
    • This leads to the production of extensive areas of broken rock and large scree slopes.
    • Leaving Alex to study for his biology degree, we walked out into the swirling mists and up the steep slopes of volcanic scree towards the snowline.
    • A few hundred yards, and we're on the first technical section of the route, a steep double-track with solid ground for your left tires but loose scree under your right.
    • Video footage helps the controller navigate the robot and negotiate tough volcanic terrain from solidified lava flows to loose scree and rocks.