Translation of scroll in Spanish:


rollo, n.

Pronunciation /skroʊl//skrəʊl/


  • 1

    (of paper, parchment)
    rollo masculine
    (award) pergamino masculine
    the Dead Sea Scrolls los rollos / manuscritos del Mar Muerto
    • I'd already discovered poems of his hanging like little scrolls on the wall of a new friend's room.
    • Tamara nervously fidgeted as he approached her holding a scroll in his left hand.
    • Then with sudden animation, he unfurled his scroll.
    • Her present proved to be a scroll of parchment, or rather several bundled together.
    • He holds up a small scroll in his hands.
    • The king unrolled the scroll and read it with a concerned look on his face.
    • He produced a scroll of parchment from inside his clothing and held it open in front of Huw.
    • A few sums scratched on a papyrus scroll would do the trick.
    • He held out a papyrus scroll, bound with papyrus reeds.
    • He reached under the table and pulled out a rolled up scroll.
    • A special commemorative scroll containing the preview and Nationalist report of that junior final was presented to each team member.
    • He reached into his shirt and pulled out a long scroll of paper.
    • Monks scribbled personal details in bound volumes or unfurled wispy scrolls.
  • 2

    voluta feminine
    • Of all the carving operations associated with stringed musical instruments carving the scroll of violin family instruments seems to be one of the most difficult to grasp.
    • Amongst the furniture is a large chaise longue, with hugely over-sized ram's horn scrolls.
    • Acanthus scrolls of identical composition are also found on several decanters.
    • The remaining wall is covered with a wallpaper-like series of repeated images in ink, ornamented by scrolls in red and featuring drawings of hanged witches, palmistry and physiognomy studies.
    • On its back, he shaped shells and cartouches, or fanciful scrolls, which communicated that this chair was not meant to stiffly line the wall but rather to be moved about for impromptu use.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to scroll up/down hacer avanzar/retroceder el texto que aparece en pantalla
    • But not being able to scroll horizontally is unfortunate.
    • I keep scrolling down the page to look at my box of blue eggs.
    • He scrolled through all the names in his card file and eventually assembled a staff of ‘personal friends and business brothers’ to support his efforts at gathering additional resources.
    • Julian scrolled down to the bottom in bewilderment and read the last sentence.
    • I scrolled back to the top of the list and looked at the first name and saw " Aaron".
    • Apparently an ETA is displayed by scrolling across although I didn't manage to find this.
    • Keep clicking and scrolling to see the record over the past few years.
    • He scrolled down the list of his numerous messages, glancing over the titles.
    • Andrew scrolled quickly through Leo's message, then hit Reply.
    • Intrigued, I scrolled to see what music they recommended for me.
    • Use the wheel to scroll up and down the page - quickly and easily.
    • You actually scrolled back up to check that there wasn't a number 9.
    • If you scroll down a bit, you'll see he reckons I'm having doubts.
    • If you scroll down the page a little, you can see my pictures.
    • After scrolling down to the bottom, she dates her entry and begins.
    • You probably should then scroll up and read all the rest of the page.
    • Seth looked back to the screen and scrolled down a bit.
    • In short, the proprietary targeted ad platform cannot be deleted, clicked-through or scrolled away, according to company officials.
    • Turning back to the page, Melanie scrolled down to the bottom.

transitive verb

  • 1

    it scrolls the text horizontally desplaza el texto horizontalmente