Translation of scrounge in Spanish:


gorronearle algo a algn, v.

Pronunciation /skraʊn(d)ʒ//skraʊndʒ/

transitive verb

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    gorronearle algo a algn informal
    gorrearle algo a algn informal
    garronearle algo a algn River Plate informal
    bolsearle algo a algn Chile informal
    to scrounge sth from / off sb
    • she managed to scrounge a ride consiguió que alguien la llevara
    • As stowaways scrounging for food, they are forced to flee the authorities.
    • I spent 10 years out on the streets, scrounging for food, after you turned her against me!
    • This meant that when we weren't shooting, we were scrounging for work.
    • Thank you so much for scrounging them up for me in the first place.
    • She expresses her desire to send him as much money as she can scrounge up.
    • ‘Yes, I was hoping you would scrounge something up for me,’ Anya grinned.
    • Bears scrounging for human food will be busy at the water-side campsites, and will almost invariably ignore the far-removed and unproductive woods.
    • Like the queen, he doesn't carry cash, so the billionaire has to scrounge cab fare from colleagues.
    • And the crews I sent scrounging for projectiles?
    • As far as I know, the Sidearms were usually issued too officers, but enlisted men were able to scrounge them up easily enough.
    • He scrounged them up in the Municipal Archives on Chambers Street in Manhattan, the address of which he has committed to memory.
    • My grades need to be brought up, and I am scrounging for credits for college.
    • The cash-strapped firm may have hit on a solution for companies scrounging for the dough to pump up pension funds that were recently flattened by the stock market's slide.
    • The lack of materials meant that teachers must either use lecture and recitation or spend unrealistic amounts of time scrounging for materials and planning creative lessons.
    • Instead of loosing my mind, or scrounging for food, or searching for a soul survivor, I decided to do my laundry instead.
    • Yet, here he was, dressed in the dirtiest of clothes, scrounging for money.
    • Your father is going to tear up that contract and we're going to be out scrounging for work again.
    • You spend your benefit money on drugs and then you come round here scrounging for free food.
    • So it's not really scrounging for money anymore.
    • As a reviewer I don't get sent everything I ask for and so I scrounge quite a bit - but only for the films I really, really want.

intransitive verb

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    gorronear informal
    gorrear informal
    garronear River Plate informal
    bolsear Chile informal
    to scrounge around for sth andar pidiendo algo



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    she's always on the scrounge vive gorroneando / gorreando informal