Translation of scrum in Spanish:


melé (ordenada), n.

Pronunciation /skrʌm//skrəm/


  • 1

    (in rugby)
    melé (ordenada) feminine
    scrum masculine
    • Since they had no replacement front row forward the scrums were uncontested for the remainder of the game.
    • Ilkley's powerful front five had worn down the Heath pack and were pushing the Heath scrum backwards.
    • The game was played under veteran's rules, which limit kicking and pushing in scrums in order to ‘even’ the playing field.
    • The scrums are going forward, opposition scrums are going back under sheer power and sublime technique.
    • With good restart possession from scrum and line-out they threw everything at a dogged CYM.
    • 87 mins: Australia lose possession at the scrum with a Smith knock forward.
    • City responded immediately when Crooks forced the ball home through a scrum of players from a corner.
    • It's great for a front-row forward to look up from a scrum and see the ball trickling into touch 40 metres down the pitch.
    • Bees leant Keighley a front row player and uncontested scrums were the order of the day.
    • For the first time in ages, the opposition scrum was actually going backwards and the psychological boost that gives you is immense.
  • 2British

    avalancha feminine
    marabunta feminine informal humorous
    • At Galashiels station there was a huge crowd and a media scrum as I shook hands with the driver and the provost and boarded the train.
    • The home crowd were enthralled by Latapy, but the scrum of scouts there to watch Darryl Duffy left with one breathtaking moment to relay to their employers.
    • As one of the major rugby pubs in the area it was quite a scrum during the recent Six Nations and Heineken Cup matches with Harlequins and Kingston Rugby Club teams popping in for the odd pint.
    • Fifteen minutes later the gig descended into a scrum with Ryder and Bez brawling on the floor.
    • A huge scrum developed around the vehicles as desperate people tried to get places.
    • So no info on media scrums o/s office, I'm afraid.
    • I guess that was so they didn't disturb the scrum of journalists crowded round a wide-screen telly watching the football.
    • Taxi wardens will patrol Manchester city centre to stop revellers brawling in the scrum for a Christmas cab.