Translation of scrupulous in Spanish:


escrupuloso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈskruːpjʊləs//ˈskrupjələs/


  • 1

    (person/honesty) escrupuloso
    • He periodically returns to a monochromatic style, punctuated by scrupulous forays into vivid chromatic declarations.
    • He inherited standards of economy in design and of scrupulous execution from Domenico Veneziano and Fra Angelico, though he lacked the imaginative powers of either.
    • She is scrupulous about disclosing her sources and acknowledging her debts while insistent that her aesthetic judgments are based on what she has looked at hard and pondered.
    • To be sure, Meyer makes such large-scale historical revisions and theoretical shifts only implicitly and through the lens of scrupulous historical detail.
    • Their compositions were symmetrical and bathed in an even light; only perfect examples of cultivars in full bloom were included, and individual blooms were painted with scrupulous accuracy.
    • You sense only the labor-intensive detailing of a boat modeler, no doubt scrupulous but also antiquarian.
    • Brown is scrupulous in presenting what is, and what is not, known about these situations.
    • The title's meanings remain only provisionally understood, but the term's significance was bound up in notions of learning, the righteousness of tradition, and the scrupulous observance of ritual obligation.
    • This is always an issue for the scrupulous scholar - what to enlarge upon, what to jettison - but this is the only equivocation about this impressive book, written with both passion and clarity.
    • In those days Bob was scrupulous about fully crediting Gerry - and appropriately crediting everyone in the office.
    • This research provides evidence that developing a corporate culture that stresses honesty and scrupulous behavior is not only the right thing to do, but produces real savings to the cooperative as well.
    • Individually and as a group, Cubist images demand the viewer's scrupulous attention.
    • The effects of such scrupulous husbandry are manifest by the way in which the cultivated and natural landscape merge into one another in a rare reciprocity.
    • It has never been so scrupulous in its methods, so inclusive in the questions it asks - and so incurious about what might be called the aesthetic life of a building.
    • Ghost World and The Royal Tenenbaums would not be among my favorites for the year if not for their scrupulous production design.
    • Both he and Taylor are scrupulous in conveying how the photographs would have looked to Dodgson's audience.
    • The first ‘Station’ gives us a curved cross suspended from a short, rusty chain, the figure in lean, scrupulous profile.
    • The scrupulous fabrication of the low-relief wall ensembles in this show approaches the perverse.
    • He seems as active in the process now as he ever was, appropriately scrupulous in the crediting and remembering of what was given, by whom and when.
    • However, right at the beginning he is scrupulous in distinguishing the two terms.
    • Weinberg's strengths as an art historian owe largely to his scrupulous attention to the visual field.
    • Probably the most painstaking part of the job is the scrupulous documentation process.
    • Seeking to protect his pregnant wife, gangster Gui decides to give himself up to the authorities, only to find his act of self-sacrifice results in the loss of everything to less scrupulous rivals.
  • 2

    (accuracy/research) escrupuloso
    she pays scrupulous attention to detail es muy detallista
    • he isn't too scrupulous about personal hygiene no es muy cuidadoso en cuanto a su higiene personal