Translation of scud in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /skʌd//skəd/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    the boat scudded (along) before the fresh breeze el barco se deslizaba empujado por la brisa
    • the clouds scudded across the sky las nubes cruzaban raudas el firmamento
    • And the steel giants keep scudding along their way to find their death in the continuing conflict with each other.
    • What remains as a memory, though the colour has bled away, is the fast scudding of clouds, and the rush of sound over my head, the wind in the trees: as if the waters of life have begun to flow.
    • The enormous, cold blue sky is filled with scudding clouds.
    • In traditional monopolies, prices are pushed up, and quality/innovation comes scudding down.
    • On the back of her chestnut pony she ranged alone over the hills around Nomentum, with hares scudding away from her through the rough grass, and hawks sailing high over her head.
    • A small ray scuds across it like a bird in slow flight.
    • As we battled against the wind, the scudding clouds suddenly parted to reveal a dazzling sunlit glimpse of the cone, unbelievably close, in staggering golden 3D.
    • Just the sort of food to help us enjoy the scudding clouds, bracing winds and refreshing rain.
    • The moon must have been up for there was a dim glimmer among the clouds scudding to the east.
    • Thursday brightened into an overcast, showery day with belts of dark and paler grey cloud scudding across the sky.
    • With the full moon scudding between the clouds, it felt like the inside of a music box.
    • Lately he had become an indolent sea-bather idly scudding in the tepid shallows.
    • The clouds were scudding along the tops of the peaks, and the sky was bruised a deep purple.
    • Beneath the skylarks and the scudding clouds, no more than a conversation between people and chalk grass, this was a war memorial I could understand.
    • Cold alpine gusts sweep the skyscape, sending the scudding clouds adrift.
    • Clouds scudding across a starry sky are reflected in a weed-choked river.
    • Her opponent would send the ball scudding across the net.
    • The moon was almost full, with wisps of cloud scudding across its face, so there was enough light for me to see where I was going.
    • She looked upward, and witnessed several small clouds scudding across the sky, as if bent on a happy errand as she was herself.
    • Sunlight broke through the clouds, islands of light scudding across the countryside.
    • A squadron of pelicans scuds toward the distant white lighthouse.