Translation of scuffle in Spanish:


refriega, n.

Pronunciation /ˈskʌf(ə)l//ˈskəfəl/


  • 1

    refriega feminine
    escaramuza feminine

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (have skirmish)
    police and demonstrators scuffled hubo una escaramuza entre policías y manifestantes
    • Two campers are scuffling with each other off to one side.
    • Full of goat's meat, they devoted themselves to wine, threw dice, quarreled and scuffled.
    • When I last saw Jose, he was living in a West Side Manhattan housing project, scuffling for diminishing gigs.
    • The inevitability of globalization was evident even to the demonstrators who scuffled with armed Swiss national police units in seeking to disrupt the proceedings.
    • He and Tino had even scuffled on occasion, always over women.
    • Outside the hotel where the auction took place Tuesday, several protesters scuffled with security guards when they tried to push into the ballroom to block the sales.
  • 2

    (move quickly)
    mice scuffling around in the attic ratones correteando por el desván
    • All that scuffling, all the muffled cries, and nothing.
    • The hem of the elf's blue robes swished around her feet as they scuffled across the marble.
    • Dancers slathered their bodies with paint and scuffled in sand on the floor.
    • It seemed to be mid autumn, and golden leaves flew through the air as she scuffled along.
    • To complete the afternoon, I heard a scuffling downstream followed by a squeal.
    • He didn't hear anymore scuffling of feet, clothing moving, no shadows, not even the sound of breathing.
    • I scuffled upstairs and rooted through my closet for the right outfit, knowing David would have a field day at my dilemma.
    • The owls hooted as they hid in the darkness of the sycamores which in turn murmurs among them, the occasional scuffling of a hedgehog was heard and the sequel of a mouse caught by a fox.
    • Outside her room, her sister, Sabrina, scuffled into the bathroom bleary eyed.
    • Boots scuffled outside her door and Jedidah was quick to place a chair before the door.
    • Once, I heard something scuffling inside one of the forbidden rooms, as if a cat or other animal was scratching their paws over the walls.
    • Cole scuffled over, his hands in his pockets and his eyes downcast.
    • They scuffled and banged around downstairs for a few minutes, but then they were gone.
    • The scuffling of boots and the softer clip-clop of a woman's heels brought his thoughts from Caroline.
    • Then, having lost her nerve already by her mother's harsh words, she scuffled back towards the exit in retreat.
    • Gabe was busy putting on all his weapons and wouldn't even look at me, so I grudgingly got up and scuffled over the carpet.
    • There was a scuffling and two of the employees ran off in the same direction, Angel stood and waited patiently, but felt all of the establishment's eyes upon her.
    • I heard a scuffling from the corner of the room, underneath Emily's desk.
    • When the first rays of the sun hit her, she got up and scuffled away from them, as if they would melt her.