Translation of sculpt in Spanish:


esculpir, v.

Pronunciation /skəlpt//skʌlpt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • Support is provided at the bottom by a horizontal transfer beam resting on sculpted concrete columns and at the top by steel members tied back to the main concrete frame.
    • The man-made landscape is penetrated by a series of long, horizontal pergolas made of fragments of brick, concrete, and rusted steel artfully cut and sculpted to evoke the jagged forms of urban graffiti.
    • I've gone back to the figure, which I missed, but this time I'm sculpting it, and I like it much better than when I painted it.
    • Copper wind chimes hang from a sculpted metal arch along the path.
    • Boldly sculpted steel escape stairs jut from the facade and a low wall encloses a play area for the daycare centre.
    • One set of gardens concerns landforms made from sand, gravel, topsoil and turf sculpted into sharply edged curves.
    • I myself have been sculpting in wood for many years.
    • Today, modern architects are rediscovering the joy of sculpting unusual geometries.
    • Made of cast metal and sculpted stainless steel, the line features a collection of portables including espresso machines, waffle makers, coffee mills and more.
    • On the top floor, the dragon is in the air, with writhing translucent light-filled ceilings and walls curvaceously sculpted to make benches, cupboards and seats.
    • The handcrafted candy box frames a scene of a boy sculpting the foil wrappers of rationed chocolates into goblets.
    • ‘Painting my landscapes and sculpting my figures makes me feel I just might have found heaven on earth,’ she said.
    • It's one of the reasons I like sculpting the stone - it feels as though you're meeting someone with a very strong personality.
    • Now, the reconstructed temple looks as though it has been sculpted out of cheese processed in Hollywood.
    • From 1867 to 1890 he was an army veterinary surgeon, painting and sculpting in his spare time.
    • Sculptor Mark Patrick has been a biker all his life and began sculpting motorcycles in bronze and resin 15 years ago.
    • I fell in love with the animals here, bought clay and started sculpting.
    • When she decided to return to the figure, she thought she would try sculpting rather than painting.
    • Williamson has received multiple awards for sculpting since 1990.
    • Two grand staircases frame the 50m long ramp, sumptuously sculpted with coiled dragons, marking the imperial emblem.

intransitive verb

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