Translation of scurry in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈskʌri//ˈskəri/


  • 1

    we heard the scurry of feet oímos un correteo

intransitive verb

  • 1

    he scurried away / off salió disparado
    • she scurried around to get the meal ready corría de aquí para allá preparando la comida
    • they could hear mice scurrying around in the attic oían corretear ratones en el desván
    • The rats scurry around ravenously, and the narrator realizes that they are waiting to devour his warm, dead flesh.
    • What, then, is the status of the direct, point-blank parody of bureaucrats scurrying behind blue blinds?
    • Chefs and Apprentices scurry around, cooking pastries and birds.
    • Or when he steps off a train and into a crowd of photographers only to watch them scurry away when Ava Gardner emerges from an adjacent car.
    • The girls jump up and scurry over to the crustaceans for closer inspection.
    • They hear something scurry up the tree and Haldir cannot recognize it.
    • In Equinox Flower, Hirayama is left alone in an empty room as both his wife and daughter scurry in and out.
    • The handkerchief began to plague me like a fly - as he said - flying around my head and eventually wound up scurrying into my jacket.
    • The Fembots have junk (found all over the stage), and scurry around like men on a mission between songs.
    • We have come to see the tornado in all of its glory, not the ant-like humans that scurry about in its path.
    • When someone accidentally bumps him on the street, his ranting makes bystanders scurry away.
    • Word has it that Sundance is, while financially secure, scurrying to secure new sponsorship partners after some have fallen out.
    • They decide to sink the boat to ensure it can't be salvaged, and are horrified when British sailors scurry out onto the deck and leap into the vast and dark Atlantic as the vessel sinks.
    • To that, let me just add, ‘Chicks and ducks and geese better scurry.’
    • While everyone was scurrying around trying to figure out how to embrace Matt Dillon's overlong, otherwise decent directing debut, there was no need for equivocation about Washington's work.
    • Several works focus on Times Square, allowing the cacophony of billboards and neon signs to nearly overwhelm the figures and vehicles scurrying below.
    • Newly emerged moths scurry to the nearest vertical surface, such as a wall, until their cuticles harden.
    • Bridges fly over the entrance route so, through the glass slot over the entrance, the public can see their civil servants scurrying or drifting about.
    • Crucifixes and virgin statues bob and wave humorously at the camera as the children scurry along.
    • Raincoated figures scurry into the school opposite.