Translation of scurvy in Spanish:


escorbuto, n.

Pronunciation /ˈskərvi//ˈskəːvi/



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    escorbuto masculine
    • This is an extremely low level, and it represents only the amount needed to prevent health problems such as scurvy, a vitamin deficiency disease.
    • Overt vitamin deficiency diseases, such as pellagra or scurvy, are uncommon in persons who consume a typical North American diet.
    • A deficiency of vitamin C causes a disease called scurvy.
    • To complicate matters, most men suffered from multiple diseases, including dysentery, typhoid, scurvy, and pneumonia or other respiratory ailments.
    • Ascorbic acid/vitamin C. Prolonged deficiency can result in scurvy, poor wound healing and bleeding gums.
    • As we now know, oranges and lemons (and many other fruits and vegetables) are excellent sources of vitamin C, and scurvy is the disease resulting from severe vitamin C deficiency.
    • Modern medicine categorizes diarrhea as a symptom of a disease, such as scurvy, typhoid, malaria, and dysentery, or as a symptom of indigestible substances in the intestines.
    • So it's a little bit different to the sort of classic nutritional deficiency diseases, like scurvy, it seems to be slightly more complicated than that.
    • The plague, pneumonia, pleurisy, tuberculosis, smallpox, scurvy, the black lung, the yeasty oesophagus, the mildewed mouth; call it what you want just don't call it the common cold.
    • Mortality among women and small children had increased by 50 per cent and hunger-related diseases such as rickets, scurvy, and tuberculosis were endemic.


archaic, humorous

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    • Newbies from elsewhere, even though they have to learn the scurvy trade from scratch, at least don't have to shed bad journalistic habits.
    • They just sit there, keelhauling any scurvy landlubber who ventures to walk on the rocks barefoot
    • Even scurvy land lubbers can talk like a pirate an’ not be called a stinkin’ bilge rat.
    • And finally, there do be help available for ye landlubbers and scurvy dogs who can't talk like Pirates.
    • Call me by that scurvy name one more time, and ye'll be walking the plank, I swear it!