Translation of scuzzy in Spanish:


asqueroso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈskəzi//ˈskʌzi/

adjectivescuzzier, scuzziest


  • 1

    (dirty, murky)
    (clothes/water) asqueroso
    (water/clothes) que da asco
    • It's just a scuzzy tabloid jumping on the bandwagon.
    • And that terrible scuzzy black floor they seem not to mind.
    • Shuffling past security in our scuzzy T-shirts and jeans, the officious receptionist tuts at us.
    • He totally rammed that down his partner's throat, dragging him against his very clearly stated wishes into scuzzy, illegal activity.
    • You can find apartments at these rates but they can be pretty scuzzy ones.
    • Instead I'll be haunted by guilt and a scuzzy feeling every single day I work.
    • We move across a south-LA landscape of scuzzy bars, skanky hookers and corrupt cops - which the duo treat as their private playground.
  • 2

    (person) con mala pinta informal
    (bar/club) de mala fama
    (club/bar) cutre Spain informal