Translation of sea dog in Spanish:

sea dog

lobo de mar, n.


literary, humorous

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    lobo de mar masculine literary
    • Though well meaning, King was temperamental and sometimes ill, a martinet sea dog who did not easily translate to ruling a fractious young colony.
    • This is an interesting, insightful biography of a largely forgotten man who, though a veteran sea dogs with a distinguished record as a ship's captain, was a particularly capable administrator.
    • The scum of the sea, briny sea dogs, buccaneers, pillagers, thieves, and murderers!
    • Her name is Sky Whisper, and she pops in to check on us old sea dogs every few days or so.
    • Tall tales were spelled aplenty amongst the old sea dogs during their retiring years.
    • We are accused of destroying children's innocence - as if the bloodthirsty verse about Romans, pirates, highwaymen and old sea dogs that I had to learn in the 1950s was so innocent.
    • The first step on my way to becoming the fearsome sea dog I am today was the recruitment of a particularly dastardly crew.
    • Dickens called it ‘the saltiest, roughest, most piratical little place’, and a whiff of the sea dog still hangs around its working harbour, narrow backstreets and unfeasibly tall houses.
    • Sea captains are always crazy sea dogs with inexplicably bad teeth.
    • Anyway I have put the date in my diary and I am already looking forward to a few pints of ‘Old Bedwetter’ and some hoary old sea dog stories.
    • It's a huge port town, with scruffy old sea dogs and one-eyed men with peg-legs and the like.
    • Snarling, growling and oooh-arrghing like a shipwrecked salty sea dog, Jim quizzed Liz about her relationship to a Blackpool landlord.