Translation of sea snail in Spanish:

sea snail

caracol marino, n.


  • 1

    caracol marino masculine
    • The two national dishes are conch, an easily collected sea snail, rice, and peas.
    • In Thule, the third most important prey by weight was the bottom-living sea snail, Liparis spp.
    • Vietnam is home to a sea snail that in the process of constructing its house forms extremely rare orange melo pearls.
    • For a while she assisted in his research on the nervous system of a sea snail.
    • They comb the sea floor for sea snails, oysters and mussels.
  • 2

    (snail fish)
    liparis masculine
    • Waren said that when he first examined the sea snail, the animal's magnetized scales kept sticking to his forceps.