Translation of seaport in Spanish:


puerto marítimo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsiːpɔːt//ˈsiˌpɔrt/


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    puerto marítimo masculine
    • Most scholarship has focused on the nature of poor relief in colonial cities and seaports, and not in rural and interior towns.
    • My last stop was Vancouver, a cosmopolitan seaport nestled between ocean and mountains.
    • Second, how useful would Arret be as a seaport if its harbor were filled with sunken ships?
    • It's a cool town in ways that many seaports are not.
    • The Coast Guard patrolled waterways and seaports with more vessels.
    • ‘Make business, not war,’ said Lilley, who was born in the seaport town of Qingdao in northeast China.
    • The biennial event was established in 2002 to celebrate the seaport city's historical relationship with iron and steel.
    • Anzac had anchored in the ancient seaport of Alexandria after a surprisingly rough transit through the Mediterranean Sea.
    • Japan's second-largest city, Yokohama is a seaport noted for its cosmopolitan outlook.
    • She had counted on getting enough for the wagon to buy passage on a caravan bound for the seaport of Bay Town.
    • Mylapore was an ancient seaport, which sent traders and culture-bearers across the sea to Southeast Asia.
    • Boosted by a free trade agreement and Israeli tourists vacationing in Turkish seaports, bilateral trade topped $1 billion last year.
    • The emphasis on infrastructure, airports, seaports and tourism will benefit the industry in general.
    • Bush spoke at the terminal to highlight administration efforts to beef up security at seaports.
    • The animals first arrived in North America in the late 18th century on-board sailing ships that frequented East Coast seaports.
    • I am going to the seaport town in Renault, known as Elem.
    • Coastal voyages between U.S. seaports and inland navigation along its rivers and canals are governed by state and federal laws.
    • It served as the seaport of the inland town of Philippi, which was about 10 miles away.
    • Their inhabitants were outnumbered by the numbers living in seaports, dockyard towns, and regional centres.
    • In the United States we have 361 river ports and seaports.
    • The result was a defeat for China and the establishment of Western settlements at numerous seaports.