Translation of sear in Spanish:


quemar, v.

Pronunciation /sɪə//sɪr/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (arm/flesh) quemar
    (arm/flesh) chamuscar
    Medicine (wound) cauterizar
    • The ball was white-hot, it seared her flesh, burned all it touched.
    • This allows food to sear and cook quickly, which augments flavors.
    • It is sensationally simple: ripe grapes are simply tossed into a pan into which you have seared Italian-style pork sausages.
    • Lightly press both sides of the tuna into the sea salt and coarsely cracked black pepper, and sear the tuna on one side until browned.
    • Data has come from flight recorders submerged in saltwater and seared by 1,000-degree temperatures.
    • The metal where Cath's hands grabbed suddenly flashed hot, searing her skin.
    • The unique characteristic of this charcoal is that it can heat up to a very high temperature, which helps sear the meat and lock in its juice.
    • Heat from the engine seared my side and my back, and I squirmed, trying to avoid the burning.
    • Worse, the horns radiated heat, searing his hands.
    • Three years ago, Laurence Docherty's disappointment at being left out of the Sydney squad seared his mind.
    • The meat was seared crisp around the edges, with just a hint of rosiness at its center.
    • In a heavy frying pan, briskly sear the steaks on one side until well browned, turn once and cook briefly for a medium-rare result.
    • Season ribs with salt and pepper and sear until golden brown on all sides.
    • To ensure its tenderness, the loin was first seared then cooked at a very low temperature for a couple of hours.
    • He could see the furnaces where he had worked, the heat from the bright, white hot metal searing the faces of the workmen as they poured and ladled it into the casting moulds.
    • I never once believed I was in the presence of real grief (the kind that sears the soul and burns the heart), just a Hollywood-generated masquerade.
    • Dave had dished-up seared sirloin steak, topped with a sauce of sautéed onion, mushrooms and red wine, as an accompaniment to the Merlot.
    • I had seared tuna steak which was absolutely stunning.
    • He bent his head and seared her lips with a kiss that burned to her core.
    • Lightly coat sweetbreads in flour and sear until golden brown and crisp.
    • Even though the sun was near the horizon, it still sent out waves of intense heat that seared the ground until it was bone dry.
    • New cooks will learn blanching and searing and how to sauté.
    • I grabbed a hold of it and started to slide but quickly felt the heat of the metal searing my hands from friction.
    • Season the frogs' legs, dip in the eggs, coat with the bread crumbs, and sear on both sides until golden brown about three minutes.
    • Her main course of fresh striped bass had been seared so that the skin was slightly crispy, enclosing a melt-in-your-mouth fillet.
    • Flames climbed one wall of the room and I choked and hacked as heat and smoke seared my lungs; blistering my skin.
    • Heat a small amount of oil in a pan and sear scallops lightly on each side.
    • How will those hardy minions survive the summer blasts of arctic air conditioning in between the bouts of broiling street heat beneath searing serge?
    • As the heat of the coals seared Ian's shoulder, Nick's hands tightened around Ian's throat and he couldn't breathe.
    • Rodgers lay on his back, the hot concrete searing his sores but easing his muscles.
    • He offers this simple tenderloin - quickly sautéed to sear the outside but not melt the marbling inside - for a special holiday meal.
    • As we spray and sprinkle, acrid smoke fills our eyes and heat sears our lungs.
    • All I could do was watch my hand as it was seared by the heat.
    • Season chickens and sear until brown on all sides, remove from pot and set aside.
    • To prepare her meat, she seared a 2-pound chuck roast and 4 country-style ribs in a large Dutch oven.
    • His right leg was seared raw and burned almost to the bone in places.
    • This cooking method allows small pieces of food to be seared and cooked very superficially, thus retaining their texture and flavour.
    • But the effect of her forgetfulness was that her successor, Stephen Lander, took the heat of some searing criticism for decisions for which he had no responsibility.
    • The other kind of trailer is the one that knocks your socks off, stands your hair on end, sears the retina and leaves you gasping.
    • They pluck out thick slices of tandoori chicken seared over flaming coals, dip them in mint chutney and stuff them into the mouth with passion.

    dorar rápidamente a fuego muy vivo

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    (heat) secar
    (heat) achicharrar
    (heat) abrasar
    (wind/frost) secar
    • Scattered along fertile valleys, between sands and snows, most Afghan people farm land which is seared by 40 Centigrade summers, and is snowbound by the long, cold winters.
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    (mark, scar)