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    orden de registro feminine
    orden de allanamiento feminine Latin America
    orden de cateo feminine Mexico Chile
    • It is the Crown who has instituted the charges and it is the Crown who sought and obtained the search warrant for the documents.
    • Thirty minutes later the police executed a search warrant.
    • This appears to recognize an exception in certain circumstances to the requirement of a search warrant.
    • He criticised the minister's proposal to allow only Garda inspectors obtain a search warrant from a district judge.
    • The search warrant and related documents were placed under seal by a judge.
    • Police executed a search warrant under the firearms act on a house in South Ronaldsay on Wednesday night.
    • West Vancouver police executed a search warrant on the residence later that day.
    • The section allows the police to obtain a search warrant from a justice of the peace.
    • My client was in hospital at the time that they executed the search warrant.
    • However when a search warrant was executed, they found a piece of blade on the dresser.
    • His role is to provide that assistance which is necessary to the peace officers executing the search warrant.
    • The officers ought to have obtained a search warrant before entering the Appellant's residence.
    • For example, the police may not, unless invited, enter a person's premises without a search warrant.
    • Since 1987 police can get a search warrant on the word of an informant who does not even have to be named.
    • The Mounties also executed a search warrant after the arrest was completed.
    • The birds were found after a search warrant was executed by police and officials of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.
    • The Court officials can enter premises for searching purposes with a search warrant issued by the Court.
    • They informed the police who obtained a search warrant and raided Royle's former Chippenham home, seizing a second computer.
    • Information was passed to West Yorkshire Police and a search warrant was executed at Johnson's home last November.
    • If there is a crime committed and the police go in with a search warrant, they just seize whatever is relevant.