Translation of season in Spanish:


estación, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsizən//ˈsiːz(ə)n/


  • 1

    (division of year)
    estación feminine
    the four seasons las cuatro estaciones
    • Her life in Temuka was lived in seasons and catching the food associated with that season.
    • She's out to capture the gigantic and ephemeral movements of weather, seasons and daylight.
    • Greyfriars Municipal Arts Gallery is changing its opening hours for the autumn season.
    • They also learnt not to worry about quiet times in the summer as the winter season is so busy.
    • Further, grizzly bear switch resource preferences as the spring, summer, and autumn seasons progress.
    • We may still be in the season of spring but summer faithfully follows and forward planning is all important.
    • It defies the cold grip of the season by indulging in festivity.
    • The following table provides a useful guide to fluctuations in pollen levels in Ireland during the spring, summer and autumn seasons.
    • Meanwhile, meteorologists predicted typical for the winter season weather in January.
    • When I think of Earth, I think of the variety of the land we have and how it relates to the four major seasons, winter, spring, summer and autumn.
    • We are doing different things with different foods as the season changes.
    • The temperate regions of southern Australia have four seasons, with cool winters and hot summers.
    • The species change with the seasons and conditions.
    • We are two-thirds of the way through the winter season without any cold weather or significant snowfall.
    • Now most places in the world you have four seasons; winter, spring, summer, fall but not so in Barbados.
    • The fruit of apple trees can prove invaluable to different species of wildlife throughout the autumn and winter seasons.
    • Flowers, for instance, give pleasure, because they are predictors of fruit later in the season.
    • Let's see it sorted out before we revert to the predicted cycle of wet autumn/winter/spring seasons.
    • This meant that the Native Americans were no longer ruled by the seasons when planning their food supply.
    • But it's both the changing seasons and special events that bring repeat visitors.
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    • 2.1(for specific activity, event, crop)

      temporada feminine
      the soccer season la temporada de fútbol
      • the harvest season la cosecha
      • the mating season el celo
      • the cherry season la época / la temporada de las cerezas
      • the Christmas season la época navideña
      • the season of goodwill la época navideña
      • the end of season sales las rebajas / liquidaciones de fin de temporada
      • Most of the striking laborers are young people from Quebec and other provinces who come for the fruit picking season.
      • Annuals are flowers that bloom only once; their whole lifetime lasts just one growing season.
      • The season of festive goodwill to all men produces a bonanza for family lawyers.
      • The best vegetables are coming into season, I love sprouts, parsnips, swede, squash and pumpkins.
      • Those managing the illegal operations say that the rainy season is the peak period for removing trees from the forest.
      • You know you've reached the peak of the garden vegetable season when the runner beans arrive.
      • This is when the fruit of the previous seasons is harvested.
      • Right now the new season's lamb is available from the south of England.
      • In areas where growing seasons are short, bloom seasons are also short.
      • The rainy season has already begun, making access to displaced families increasingly difficult.
      • Shiva is offered special food made from the fruits of the season, root vegetables, and coconuts, during ritual worship.
      • These trees provide fruit only during certain seasons, but last forever.
      • How bad is this year's flu season going to be?
      • Father X is not a fan of the modern season and its attendant festivities.
      • Here, we look at four foods just coming into season, and why they should be part of your early summer diet.
      • New anti-terrorism measures will increase security costs just as the peak summer travel season approaches.
      • There has been much back slapping and praise over the fact that we have grown enough food this farming season.
      • A variety of special articles are featured during religious festival seasons.
      • Vegetation, on the other hand, can follow the climatic seasons.
      • In this tropical climate, there is a rainy, monsoon season from May to October.
      • I am quite tough with myself when it comes to eating food out of season.
      • Some birds may remain paired year round, but pair bonds typically last a single breeding season.
      • The fruit season can be from June through March with the highest yield from August to December.
      • We shift the menu around to accommodate the best food of the season.
      • The months slid by and the frozen fruit was still waiting when this season's fruit arrived at the greengrocer.
      • The culminating night of the season will also feature a fireworks spectacular.
      • By contrast, Alias has built an entire season around the blessed event.
      • Severe stress early in the season can reduce fruit set, and later stress reduces berry size.
      • Scented spring white wines work wonderfully well with the new season's vegetables
      • We need to extend the season for local foods in cold climates with preservation.
      • With half of the season already over, fruit lovers feel they have to wait till next year to enjoy the delicious mangoes.
      • The drama of Holy Week stands squarely between the seasons of Lent and Easter.
      • Based on previous years' statistics, the coming summer holiday season will see dozens more.
      • Their diet changes with the seasons as different food sources become available.
      • He is like a tree planted by streams of water that yields its fruit in its season, and its leaf does not wither.
      • Potted peppers often have a tendency to dry out faster, drop blossoms and even stop producing fruit after a few seasons.
      • Is this really the best thing Foer has to do during one of the biggest events of the campaign season?
      • How much money do you plan to spend this upcoming holiday season?
      • And straight ahead, it's been a disastrous hurricane season so far, and it's not over yet.
      • This season's highlights include events that people have been looking forward to for years.

    • 2.2(suitable for tourism)

      temporada feminine
      the tourist season la temporada turística
      • at the height of the season en plena temporada
      • high/low season temporada alta/baja

    • 2.3(in social calendar)

      the season temporada en la que tienen lugar los acontecimientos sociales más destacados del año

  • 3

    Television Cinema Music Theatre
    temporada feminine
    after a season in Brighton, the play moved to London después de una temporada en Brighton, la obra fue llevada a Londres
    • a season of Buñuel films un ciclo de películas de Buñuel
    • an Australian season un ciclo de películas (or obras etc.) australianas

transitive verb

  • 1

    (with salt and pepper) salpimentar
    • The champ mash is a rich mixture of potato, cream, butter and scallions, well seasoned with pepper.
    • Salt is good for seasoning food; just a little brings out the best in it.
    • Toss the venison in the flour which you have seasoned lightly with salt and pepper.
    • The next day finely dice the tomatoes and add the remaining ingredients seasoning to taste.
    • Most food is highly seasoned, and soups are commonly served with dumplings.
    • Lightly oil and season the steak with salt and black pepper then cook on a hot grill or ridged grill pan.
    • Seasoned well with fiery spices, vanilla and vibrant tannins, it also manages to be exceptionally smooth.
    • Seafood dishes, including shrimp, are popular, often served with rice and seasoned with spices.
    • The meat was nicely seasoned, but too dry.
    • Broken into a bowl, two eggs seasoned with salt and pepper are briefly but strenuously beaten.
    • Arab Americans have a distinctive cuisine centered on lamb, rice, bread, and highly seasoned dishes.
    • Dishes are seasoned heavily with local spices.
    • Among the main dietary staples in Eritrea is a flatbread eaten with a stew seasoned with pepper.
    • Season with ground cumin, black pepper and garlic.
    • Season with salt and pepper to taste and set aside, keeping warm.
    • Stir in the remaining ingredients, plus some salt and pepper to season, and stir well until combined.
    • The grilled pork is excellent, with a hint of charcoal coming through the chopped pieces of lightly seasoned meat.
    • Lamb is great marinated in wine or seasoned with garlic and rosemary.
    • Stir in the thyme, lemon zest and parsley and toss together, seasoning well with salt and pepper.
    • Food is fried in mustard oil and liberally seasoned with garlic, onions, and fresh ginger.
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    (wood) secar
    (wood) curar
    • The most thing that makes a difference to emissions is whether you use green wood or seasoned wood.
    • Since wood is seasoned before use, the time between felling and working must be added in order to arrive at a probable dating for the object.
    • The damper is always open, the wood seems well seasoned and dry.
    • The main criteria is that the wood has been seasoned fairly slowly.
    • It is best to burn only seasoned wood for maximum heat release, less creosote buildup, and economy.
    • It has for long been thought that, as wood is seasoned outdoors and turns grey, darkening the ground beneath it, harsh tannins are being leached out of the wood.
    • Have your chimney swept regularly, use a fire screen, and burn only seasoned wood.
    • But, if you must, please make sure it's dry, seasoned wood, and only burn in an EPA-certified wood-burning device.
    • Even well seasoned firewood can be ruined by bad storage.
    • Oak trees on the estate were felled and seasoned to provide the massive beams for the timber-framed construction.
    • Teak wood is considered superior to other types of hard woods because once it is weathered and seasoned, it takes a lot to crack, split, shrink or alter the shape of teak wood.
    • If you are going to use the tree for firewood it must be seasoned properly.
    • If you are buying logs for immediate use make sure that your supplier can give you an assurance that the wood has been seasoned.