Translation of seasonal in Spanish:


estacional, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈsiːz(ə)n(ə)l//ˈsiz(ə)nəl/


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    (fluctuations/variations) estacional
    (vegetables) del tiempo
    (vegetables) de temporada
    (demand) de estación
    (demand) de temporada
    (demand) estacional
    seasonal worker temporalero masculine Mexico
    • the figures after seasonal adjustments las cifras desestacionalizadas
    • India needs better facilities to store food grain and process and preserve seasonal fruits.
    • Semi-arid areas are especially at risk because of seasonal or periodic drought.
    • These five elements are not static, but fluctuate as they are affected by seasonal changes.
    • The supply of fresh British seasonal food is at its peak in September.
    • Water firms have so far declined to impose hose pipe bans despite rainfall being well below its seasonal average.
    • Once again I feel that seasonal cheer creeping up on me.
    • Fresh seasonal food, simply yet lovingly prepared, is all that matters.
    • It's something of a regular event in my seasonal calendar, and usually the only carol service I attend.
    • Allergens such as grass and tree pollens cause seasonal allergic rhinitis (hay fever).
    • The business was highly seasonal, and centred largely on the September to December period.
    • The findings further help conservationists to understand how nature is responding to the new seasonal changes.
    • It was fresh and refreshing and seasonal and captured the mood of the day perfectly.
    • Perennials like geraniums are the seasonal stars of gardens all around the country at the moment.
    • Sri Lanka has an equatorial climate, with little seasonal temperature variation.
    • To test this hypothesis could throw useful light on seasonal regulation of northern insects.
    • Scientists discovered that seasonal changes in the polar cap sizes are major drivers of the atmospheric circulation.
    • We shall be looking to rediscover that seasonal, characteristic resolution.
    • He promised father Christmas will be on the float, on time, for the rest of the seasonal period.
    • Weeks go by and gradually we need to adapt our way of cooking according to the seasonal weather.
    • Enso should not be used as a shortcut to a long term seasonal rainfall forecast.
    • Produce ranges from seasonal fruit and veg to venison and wild boar.
    • The climate is highly seasonal, with a well-defined dry season from late November to mid-May.
    • An important consequence of this tendency of the tropical atmosphere is that seasonal rainfall may be forecast several months ahead.
    • And just remember that everything on the Swan coastal plain is so highly seasonal.
    • They help reduce labour costs and provide needed flexibility when there are seasonal fluctuations.
    • The experiment was explicitly designed to capture the natural seasonal changes in population densities of the gerbils.
    • Psychologists look for such disorders and problems as seasonal affective disorder, aggressive behavior, alcohol abuse and depression.
    • There was no seasonal variation to his symptoms, and allergy testing was negative.
    • Cooked leafy greens, plenty of fresh seasonal vegetables and lots of sweet juicy fruits are excellent for the skin.
    • Now it is falling hard in April, just as seasonal patterns suggested it would.
    • You get the freshest, seasonal organic produce and you're supporting local farmers.
    • Canning originated from the glut at the end of each season, as asparagus is a very seasonal vegetable.
    • Better still, take advantage of special offers on fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables instead.
    • Rainfall was negatively correlated with the seasonal increase of mannitol content in ash.
    • Clear seasonal variations exist in admission to hospital for deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism.
    • The formation of low and high vessel density wood coincided with the seasonal rainfall distribution.
    • I absolutely promise my readers I will not blog about seasonal citrus fruit.
    • And it continues to expect a seasonal uptick in the traditionally stronger second half of the year.