Translation of seasoned in Spanish:


avezado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈsiːznd//ˈsiz(ə)nd/


  • 1

    (troops/traveler) avezado
    (troops/traveler) experimentado
    (traveler/troops) baquiano River Plate
    a seasoned campaigner for human rights un veterano de las campañas por los derechos humanos
    • This walk is a grade B walk suitable for seasoned walkers.
    • The youngsters were competing for the first time on snow against seasoned teams.
    • There are many tools used by seasoned options traders that can also be useful to trading spot FX.
    • Mostly European in appearance, they all seemed to be fairly seasoned visitors to North Korea.
    • According to Browne, many seasoned collectors know that collecting the work of newer architects early often pays off.
    • They range from seasoned veterans to scholars just beginning to make their mark in the field.
    • Even the seasoned investor is unable to do this.
    • Only a seasoned actor whose every gesture conveys meaning can fill this much emptiness.
    • She will have a team of what they call seasoned campaign veterans, who are experts at rapid response.
    • The crew may not be able to operate at the pace you would expect from a more seasoned crew.
    • She is a seasoned pantomime performer having taken the principal role in over 20 productions.
    • Some of us were seasoned travellers, some were going overseas for the first time.
    • But something interesting seems to happen, they say, when seasoned skiers combine with newbies to form a team.
    • There are four kinks on this difficult rail that would probably challenge even the seasoned pro.
    • Academy Award-winning actress Renee Zellweger went one-on-one with the seasoned journalist.
    • Diane Halliday of Country Fare is, of course, a seasoned festival-goer.
    • News updates on fitness, health and nutrition from reliable sources help even the seasoned dieter stay informed.
    • The Clam was defeated only by seasoned veterans from Bellingham.
    • Every seasoned industry watcher knows that further consolidation in the leasing industry is inevitable.
    • I quite liked the puppets although my more seasoned colleagues did not.
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    (wood) seco
    (wood) curado
    • Well seasoned firewood is easier to start, produces more heat, and burns cleaner.
    • Lumber dried by artificial heat in kilns has not the life in it that is possessed by air-seasoned material.
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    (food) condimentado
    (food) sazonado
    highly seasoned muy condimentado
    • Add a little more of the bacon fat to the pan and add the meat which has been tossed in the seasoned flour.
    • But properly seasoned and properly prepared it can be a very satisfying food.
    • Place a mound of caviar, seasoned with lemon and onion ju ice, on each and garnish with shrimps.
    • I had a rocket salad with large shavings of parmesan and paper-thin slices of pear, seasoned with balsamic vinegar.
    • Once known as the merchant capital, Osaka was the place where rice vendors developed sushi by mixing seasoned rice with other ingredients into a visually pleasing and tasty package.
    • Food is seasoned with peppers, onions, and coconut.
    • Seasoned with leeks, the mashed potatoes were chunky rather than pulverized.
    • The risotto turned out to be excellent and very well seasoned, with its fat grains of al dente rice and its large chunks of tasty mushrooms.
    • My main meal came with well seasoned roasted potatoes, nice firm courgettes in thick tomato sauce, and mildly spiced yam.
    • Diane's menus are more likely to include tandoori fish, Cajun potatoes, salad and salsa, pizza and various meats seasoned with chilli, paprika, coriander, turmeric and ginger.
    • Spoon hot, seasoned broth over the ribs.
    • Toss the chicken in the seasoned flour to coat it.
    • Next come bowls of seasoned rice, sautéed mushrooms and a baked sweet potato.