Translation of seat in Spanish:


asiento, n.

Pronunciation /sit//siːt/


  • 1

    (place to sit) asiento masculine
    (on bicycle) asiento masculine
    (on bicycle) sillín masculine
    (in theater) asiento masculine
    (in theater) butaca feminine
    I had a window seat me tocó un asiento junto a la ventanilla
    • I've got two seats for tonight's performance tengo dos entradas para la función de esta noche
    • there aren't any seats left (in bus) no quedan asientos
    • he kindly gave me his seat muy amablemente me cedió el asiento
    • can you keep my seat for me? ¿me guardas el lugar / el asiento?
    • Barron's enthusiastic in his greetings until he realizes the only empty seat is next to me.
    • She returned to her seat at the writing desk just as Richard and Adam entered the room.
    • She took a vacant seat at the table and looked over the map as well.
    • I sat down in the white chair while Dr. Clark took a seat on a stool that sat to my left.
    • I had arrived early enough to get an aisle seat in an exit row.
    • There are still a few vacant seats on the bus to Knock on Sunday, September 26.
    • Keith watches me from his seat at the kitchen table, his eyes are a mix of anger, amazement and confusion.
    • All the while, audience members sit in their seats, wondering how these illusions are possible.
    • The marginal cost of filling an empty seat on a plane that's going anyway is almost nothing.
    • During the return flight to Philadelphia we settled into plush leather seats.
    • Those who attend school are often seen walking there carrying tins or plastic or wooden stools as seats since many school have no furniture.
    • Also new are the rear reclining seats, which recline up to 10 degrees.
    • Walking quickly back into my home from the mailbox, I went to the kitchen and plopped down in a seat at the dining table.
    • The stage was marvellously decorated to look like a shabby pub with its bar stools, spongy seats, Guinness mirrors and jukebox.
    • The large rear door provides great access to comfy seats with unbelievable legroom.
    • On the plane, I sat in my window seat, and another passenger has the aisle seat.
    • She settled against the cushioned leather seat and listened to the air controlled calm in the cabin.
    • Milly gave him a radiant smile and ushered him into the room, onto one of the seats at the kitchen table.
    • I smiled and got in the empty front passenger seat of the black Escalade.
    • The pilot's seat had been removed and placed in the sand and it made the perfect picture.
    • In that case the seating available for passengers comprised three single seats and a bench seat 7 ft 4 ins in length.
    • Only back row seats are left, leaving just 80 tickets available per match.
    • Some audience members took their seats more than 30 minutes ago.
    • He was now taking a seat on the swivel chair that went with the desk.
    • There are only so many seats around the cabinet table.
    • From her seat at the kitchen table, Miri took a small sip of her tea and swung one leg toward the housekeeper.
    • The airline will fly two daily round-trip flights on 50 - seat regional jets.
    • He has removed reclining seats, so now passengers have to endure the whole flight sitting up straight.
    • Maddy slid into his creative writing desk, several seats away from where Linda had been sitting for a while.
    • Finding the rear seats occupied by white men, she sat in the front section of the car.
    • The stone furniture includes cupboards, beds and seats.
    • Benches are more flexible than stools or individual seats because you can squeeze in more people along them.
    • She escaped to the solace of the dark bedchamber, easily finding the window bench seat without a candle.
    • The gear is fused into a series of thick, metallic protective boxes situated between the vehicle's passenger and driver seats.
    • Jennifer climbed into the driver's seat of the car and ignited the engine.
    • One improvement is its over all look: the re-upholstered seats, new tables, carpets in the front room and the clean and fresh feel of the place.
    • The interiors have soft colours, stone and cement walls, wooden cushioned seats and sofas in the A / C room.
    • Before I know it he's sitting in the driver's seat next to me and starting the car.
    • She talks sitting perched on the edge of a seat in her sitting room, her arms neatly folded in her lap.
    • Jenny and Jim watched him get up passively from his seat at the kitchen table.
  • 2

    • 2.1(of chair)

      asiento masculine
      • Tack pairs of ribbons on either side of the cover where the seat joins the back.
      • In the middle of the room was round, low table surrounded by a couch with two seats and three chairs.
      • The package Campbell had brought the night before rested unassumingly on the seat of my chair.
      • Facing a bench or chair, place the right foot on the bench or the seat of the chair.
      • Conner disappeared down the hallway, and I took a seat on a couch.
      • I raised the armrest between two seats and covered our laps with the light blanket.
      • The upright wooden chairs have raffia seats - on every table a sprig of red carnations.
      • Royce looked around the small living room from her seat on the couch, not looking at all comfortable.
      • Theresa smiled faintly at me, a sideways smile because her head was still resting on the toilet seat.
      • The seat of this wood-slat stool lifts off to reveal a handy storage container.
      • I love it because bartenders in airports ask you for ID even if you look 106 and the toilets seats dispense nifty plastic covers with the wave of your hand.
      • I headed into the bathroom and was greeted by a chilling site: the seat was up!
      • Ryan laughed from his comfy seat on the olive green armchair.
      • He sat, not on the seat of the bench, but on the back, his feet resting on the seat.
      • Another oven is brought out - a stool with the seat cut out - so the cake tin can sit over the hole.
      • Artemis sat on top of the back of a chair, his bare feet resting on the seat.
      • I got up from my comfy seat on the couch and answered it, just so it would stop ringing.
      • He sat up straight, gripped the seat of the stool and, for the first time in his life, shivered.
      • Filthy, smelly toilets: flooded, missing their seats, and covered in obscene graffiti.
      • Invariably they have cushioned seats and foot rests.

    • 2.2(of garment)

      fondillos masculine
      fundillos masculine South America
      • And for extra room in the seat, try jeans with a low waist, low pockets and a bit of a flare around the ankle.
      • As she was doing this, the instructor worked her tail through a hole in the seat of the garment.
      • The lengthwise stability reduces bagginess in the garment knees and seat.
      • The girl sighed at the dark stain that covered the seat of her pants.
      • Is there an " X " on the seat of your pants?

    • 2.3euphemistic (buttocks)

      trasero masculine informal
      • They tossed beach balls to one another between the decks and nibbled on cucumber sandwiches as they shook sand from the towels covering their seats.

    • 2.4(of rider)

      to have a good seat montar bien
      • to lose one's seat caerse del caballo

  • 3

    • 3.1Politics

      escaño masculine
      banca feminine River Plate
      curul masculine Colombia
      the Republicans won/lost the seat los republicanos obtuvieron/perdieron el escaño (or la banca etc.)
      • to have a seat on a committee ser miembro de una comisión
      • In 1945 he won the safe Tory parliamentary seat of Chislehurst for Labour.
      • She claimed the Tories could win all five Labour parliamentary seats in Merton and Wandsworth at the next general election.
      • We will be standing in all 59 parliamentary seats across Scotland.
      • In all, there were 153 congressional and state legislative seats in play in California last November.
      • He left the MAC to pursue a successful bid for a seat in the legislature.
      • Of the country's 7,424 state legislative seats, 22 percent are held by women.
      • Labour will lose the Maori seats in this election.
      • In 1867, the Maori won the right to a certain number of reserved seats in Parliament.
      • He also unsuccessfully sought Liberal Party preselection in 1990 to contest a seat in the Australian Parliament.
      • When he was 21, his father bought him a parliamentary seat for the Irish borough of Cashel.
      • The government lost a safe parliamentary seat in Wyre Forest because of its plans to close Kidderminster Hospital.
      • At present, only one-third of the 60 legislative seats are directly elected.
      • Only half of the 60 seats in the Legislative Council, the lawmaking body, are elected directly.
      • An electoral system includes procedures for translating individual votes into seats in the legislature.
      • There would be no basis on which anybody could ask me to vacate my seat in Parliament.
      • The redrawn constitution of 1975 established a single legislative body with three hundred seats.
      • The rest of the seats, about half, would go to independents - but the parties would have a role in nominating these independents.
      • Against the tide of history the presidential party had gained congressional seats at the mid-term elections.
      • Also, the proportional representation system used in the Assembly elections means that votes do not translate directly into seats.
      • Other Greens will compete for other statewide offices and for state legislative seats.
      • The additional directly elected seats are also expected to attract more democrats to join the race.
      • Labour took five seats with the rest being held by independents.
      • A vacant senate seat is usually filled by appointment by the state's governor.
      • Upper house elections are held every three years, with roughly half the seats up for re-election.
      • Of all state legislative seats nationwide, Republicans had won or were leading in 3,647, Democrats in 3,630.

    • 3.2British (constituency)

      distrito electoral masculine

  • 4

    • 4.1(center)

      sede feminine
      the seat of government la sede del gobierno
      • universities and other seats of learning las universidades y otros templos del saber
      • The beck breaks to the surface at the site of the former seat of the city's textile industry.
      • These first forts at Madras, Bombay and Calcutta were the principal seats from where the Company oversaw its affairs.
      • It was once a garrison town, a market centre and an important seat of learning.
      • While the seat of power still rests in the city zone, there are signs that the game is becoming very popular in many provincial schools.
      • Under Charlemagne and his heirs, the royal court's principal seats were Aachen (Aix-la-Chapelle) and Paris.
      • He regarded it as the principal seat of the soul and the place in which all our thoughts are formed.
      • The question of the site of the Federal capital and seat of the Federal government and so on was of little significance.
      • Strasbourg is a central seat of administration for them, that's right, just as it is for the European Commission.

    • 4.2(of family)

      residencia feminine
      casa solariega feminine
      • Her brother and mother have sent her to the Castlewood seat in the country; to be away from the attentions of the Prince.
      • Kilkenny castle was built in the 12th century and was the principal seat of the Butlers until 1935.

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1

      (child) sentar
      the usher will seat you el acomodador le indicará su asiento
      • please be seated tomen asiento, por favor
      • to remain seated permanecer sentado
      • to seat oneself tomar asiento
      • He seats his guests in the living room, while the meeting gets reanimated.
      • It looked as lavish as they usually do and seated you as uncomfortably as they usually do.
      • If you are a guest for dinner, they would seat you facing the door, and the host would sit with their back to the door.
      • I note a report showing that seating students in rows works best for learning.
      • I arrived and told the person who seats people, whom I was looking for.
      • We were greeted by a cheerful young waitress who seated us by the window.
      • Why would you take two hours to begin seating passengers, and then rush them?
      • A waitress was serving the two people their main meals - she said she'd seat us in a minute.
      • It's one of those places where they seat you with other people and the chef cooks in front of everybody.
      • Where else would he seat his guests for his famous five-course suppers?
      • In a post-feminist world, he adds, boys may want to relearn courtesies such as holding open doors and seating a girl at dinner.
      • They seated the audience on a hillside and the action of the play took place in a grassy circle.
      • Apparently based upon the passenger load, this dining car steward was able to implement a rather ingenious plan for seating his passengers.
      • The décor is strange, yes, as is the fact that we're offered a glass of wine by the waiter who seats us.
      • One of McRae's other decisions is to seat the audience on both sides of the long, narrow stage, one section facing the other.
      • Canada and Australia have also contacted Maine officials to learn more about the state's approach to seating tribal delegates.
      • All the time spent getting the plane ready, seating the passengers and then helping people off doesn't count.
      • The engine has been placed below the floor, thus reducing sound within the boat and making use of this space for seating passengers, he says.
      • A very friendly waiter welcomed us and quickly seated us at a small table outside.
      • He seated me at a table for two in the window, and I waited.

    • 1.2(have room for)

      (auditorium) tener cabida para
      (auditorium) tener capacidad para
      how many does the bus seat? ¿cuántas plazas / cuántos asientos tiene el autobús?
      • this table seats 6 en esta mesa caben seis personas
      • At each table are four small benches, each large enough to seat two people.
      • The X-TRAIL can seat five persons and will offer a four-wheel option.
      • Scott walked in the dinning room and seated himself at a table that could seat two people.
      • It looked as if it would seat two people, both at the front of the craft.
      • A stadium seating 22,000 people is not necessary.
      • The tables are mainly placed in alcoves and are large enough to seat large people with large appetites!
      • There is space for a table that could seat ten people and room for free-standing storage units.
      • But estate cars usually seat just five, and this good-looking car seats seven.
      • We were given a table in the upstairs section that seated us all.
      • All that could be seen were their long, grayish necks and broad backs that could seat ten people.
      • It seated three people in a row behind the engine, with the front two who had to wear crash helmets while the last one did not.
      • (By the way, the theatre seats three hundred and fifteen or six hundred and thirty over two nights).
      • There are 19 tables, six of which seat six people; the rest of the tables are smaller, for two or three people.
      • Normally configured, there are two forward-facing bench seats that will seat six people.
      • Not only can it seat four passengers and carry all the shopping you could want, there is room for two people standing and a quarter of a tonne of coal.
      • There were ample enough seats, considering that the table could seat thirty-six people.
      • The arena seated about 15,000 and was about a third full, according to James Perry.
      • The table was big enough to seat ten people, five on each side.
      • Business needs are well-catered for with seven meeting rooms and four theatres seating a maximum of 1340 people.
      • The desks were all labdesks able to seat two people each with labstools to sit on.

  • 2

    • 2.1(locate)

      a concept deeply seated in the national psyche un concepto muy arraigado en la idiosincracia nacional
      • She arrived at her desk and found that her laptop was not fully seated in the docking station.
      • When installed properly, your Toyota hubcaps should be evenly seated around the edge of the wheel.
      • She flipped the second safety off before seating it in the holster and stood up.
      • It would be unwise to assume that this test proves that you can get better pistol accuracy by simply seating the bullet out further.

    • 2.2(fit, fix)


intransitive verb


  • 1

    (trousers/skirt) (en los fondillos) hacer bolsa