Translation of seaward in Spanish:


al mar, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈsiwərd//ˈsiːwəd/


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    (direction) al mar
    (side) que da al mar
    seaward wind viento que sopla del mar masculine
    • Melting glaciers add fresh water to the oceans and speed the seaward movement of ice and an influx of fresh water into the ocean.
    • The ballroom's lofty wood-panelled ceiling and tall seaward windows evoke another more gracious age.
    • One of the men positioned the prow of the boat against the seaward ice, revved the engines, and widened the gap to six feet.
    • In contrast, at high tide, the steep shingle beach produces plunging breakers against the berm causing the seaward movement of material.
    • A large white bird appeared low over the seaward shrubby trees.
    • With no natural protection from the sea, apart from a narrow coral reef, the atoll was at the mercy of massive waves that crashed over its 30-metre high seaward cliffs.
    • The resort has 75 luxury rooms and suites, most of which enjoy westerly, seaward aspects.
    • She began by replacing the small seaward window with a bigger one to better enjoy the splendid view of the Golfo di Salerno.
    • The seaward wall, only a screen looking out on the reef, allowed a fresh breeze and the sound of the waves to be our constant companions, lulling us to sleep.
    • Sites were protected from the largest ocean swells by either small offshore islands or large seaward rock benches.
    • Behind him a rip flows out to sea from the shoreline, a swath of muddy rippled water filled with black sand churned up by its powerful seaward pull.
    • The path levels out to provide expansive seaward views.
    • Submarines ranged offshore to guard against unexpected seawards attacks, backing up patrolling destroyers and torpedo boats.
    • Inland movements occurred in the first part of the night whereas seaward movements occurred late at night.
    • She had sailed with him before on few previous schemes, on voyages soulwise or seawards.
    • Many productive commercial fishing areas depend on phytoplankton nurtured by the seaward flow of clearer water, which in turn nurtures the fish.


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    hacia el mar