Translation of sec in Spanish:


seg., other

Pronunciation /sɛk//sɛk/

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    • Okay, one sec I just gotta let my parents know I'm leaving.
    • He came back to me after saying, ‘Hold on a sec Colie.’
    • I held my breath there for a sec wondering if they'd be able to hold onto the notes.
    • I stared at my feet for a few secs until someone came up behind me.
    • ‘Ok, back in a sec guys,’ I called as I went out the door and started down the steps.
    • We'll be back in a sec girlies; Devon can keep you entertained awhile.
    • ‘Hold on a sec okay,’ she said turning and walking out.
    • ‘Hang on a sec babe,’ Jack answered the phone again.
    • Just look at him, hold it for a couple secs, and then you're free to bolt.
    • That's it for a short sec - back again shortly.
    • It takes a few secs to adjust to the unfamiliar Indian customs and British accents, but once you do, you're hooked.
    • He began placing some of the medicines back into the first-aid kit ‘Wait here, I'll be back in a few sec.’




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    segundo masculine
    just a sec (espera) un segundo / momentito

Translation of SEC in Spanish:



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    (in US)

    Securities and Exchange Commission