Translation of secluded in Spanish:


apartado, adj.

Pronunciation /səˈkludəd//sɪˈkluːdɪd/


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    (area/house) apartado
    (house/area) aislado
    (existence/life) solitario
    • There will be morning tea at a secluded lookout and a lazy lunch at Mt Glorious.
    • But the potential is apparent for anyone looking for a country house in a secluded location.
    • In the park nearby, we looked at a crisp blue sky through autumn leaves and stopped by cold clear fountains along secluded pathways.
    • A week later she put on a short skirt and leather boots and stood on a secluded street corner, near Coburg Street.
    • The family have now moved from their detached home in Primrose Avenue, Macclesfield to a secluded farm in Powys.
    • After an elaborate boat chase, the scene fades out and into the crew celebrating in a secluded area in the Alpines.
    • I would now like to appeal to those who frequent this secluded area to please respect our environment and refrain from trashing it.
    • It wasn't very scary, really, but if it had been a more secluded setting, maybe it would've been different.
    • It also challenged the conventional wisdom that a bar in a secluded lane location could not be commercially viable.
    • From this secluded position, you can watch people come and go in the change rooms.
    • In most of the temples, the elephants are kept in a secluded room, which has a cement floor.
    • From that perspective, Dolen appeared to be a secluded place that wanted to be left to its own resources.
    • Their Tuscan dream is located along a secluded road and overlooks fantastic views.
    • The group met him in the secluded park of a retirement home in Ho Chi Minh City.
    • It is believed however than none of the four were from the Sligo area, despite the secluded nature of the beach.
    • In the secluded village, parts of the Church of St Martin remain standing.
    • This turned out to be a small secluded park up a dark alley in Ranelagh.
    • This was a secluded area used only by farmers and a handful of walkers.
    • Someone could have phoned him to suggest a very private talk at a secluded place in the woods.
    • This house enjoys a secluded setting in an extremely convenient location.