Translation of second-in-command in Spanish:


número dos, n.

Pronunciation /ˌsɛk(ə)ndɪnkəˈmɑːnd///


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    (persona directamente por debajo de la autoridad máxima de una organización, departamento etc) número dos masculine
    meet John, my second-in-command te presento a John, mi asistente (or vice etc.)
    • It is difficult to see Robinson as anything other than a second in command, a loyal lieutenant who fulfils his master's wishes.
    • I was still looking shocked as I dialed a phone number, not Stallings, but his second in command.
    • For the position of the leader, James would automatically hold the chair, and he would pick his own second in command.
    • He and his second in command then abandoned their army, leaving Grant's friend Buckner to surrender to him.
    • Santa Anna was captured and wrote out orders for his second in command to take the rest of his army out of Texas.