Translation of second-rate in Spanish:


mediocre, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈˌsɛkən(d) ˈˌreɪt//ˌsɛk(ə)ndˈreɪt/


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    • It is common to blame this tell-all culture on people who go on trashy talk shows, or second-rate celebrities desperate for publicity.
    • Despite being regarded as untouchably hip, the Sixties produced their fair share of second-rate songs, Neal admits.
    • I don't want to write anything shoddy or second-rate just because it will get on.
    • But it was such a second-rate piece of work, and induced such an amazing sense of tedium, that I am not even going to mention its name.
    • That means challenging Scots to better themselves instead of meekly accepting shoddy and second-rate services.
    • Or are all those people in County Limerick to lose their homes and farms just to make way for a second-rate road?
    • Quite a few were shocked to see Russia transformed into a second-rate country, treated unceremoniously by Western powers.
    • The film does little to rise above its second-rate pedigree.
    • Now I don't have to drag myself to the second-rate theater where this film is playing in Madison.
    • Even more horrifying was the realization that I could not dismiss The Passion as a second-rate film.
    • Much of it has little or no depth at all and more often than not resembles a sort of second-rate 1930s dance-music!
    • But in those second-rate towns with their third-rate lifestyles, punk had a localised life of its own.
    • And these are the cases that we're most concerned about, where the current system puts them as a second-rate case.
    • The alternative is that we will be left with universities run by second-rate academics and companies run by second-rate entrepreneurs.
    • The subliminal message was clear: see what you get from second-rate politicians, a second-rate parliament.
    • Neocons tell you that every second-rate nation is ready for democracy, if only we can topple their dictators.
    • Couldn't they have picked a second-rate conservative historian or sociologist for the first prize?
    • In addition, the mixing is second-rate and unharmonious in places.
    • It's all US style news, sport and second-rate American dramas.
    • Lundgren never rises above second-rate and this one is no exception.