Translation of second best in Spanish:

second best

Pronunciation ///ˌsɛkən(d) ˈbɛst/


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    I've always been second best siempre he sido un segundón
    • she wanted to be a doctor: for her, nursing is only second best quería ser médica: para ella la enfermería es solo una segunda alternativa
    • my second-best result mi segundo mejor resultado
    • It is only a second-best pain, but it surely feels like the real thing.
    • We expect aggregate figures slightly to exceed those for last year, which would make 2004 the second-best year on record.
    • The adoptive parent is not a conditional parent, not a substitute parent, not a second-best parent but the real thing all the way.
    • However, he gives the second-best populist pitch, after Howard Dean, of any of these candidates.
    • He recognizes music as a compromise, as a second-best thing, as something that is good but far from the best.
    • The second best basketball sound is the squeak of new shoes on a basketball floor.
    • Phil Mickelson, by some distance the second-best player in the world, has now played in 40 Majors and has yet to win one.
    • In any case, he's easily the second-best thing about the movie.
    • Majority rule is a second-best solution: Less than half the voters are denied their preferences.
    • So as noted, being on call Thanksgiving is the second-best scenario.
    • The Grotto has been called the world's second-best diving site.
    • Hewitt played through the 1990s and for much of that time was clearly the second-best hooker in New Zealand.
    • It all boils down to the fact that this is a second-best world.
    • Robert Heinlein observed that a second-best military is the most expensive thing in the world.
    • Belgium have looked like the second best team in Group B, which will probably be confirmed by a point tomorrow night.
    • This is the second-best performance of Joseph I've ever seen.
    • Tuna fish is rated as the second best seafood after prawns and is of great demand in Japan and European nations.
    • I cut my hair on a whim, losing my second-best feature in a few snips.
    • The second-best luck is to have bought a house in Vancouver or Toronto 40, 50, 60 years ago.
    • So bilateral deals are essentially a pragmatic second-best approach.


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    to come off second best (to sb) quedar en segundo puesto (después de algn)


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    I was top of the class, he was the second best yo era el primero / mejor de la clase, él era el segundo
    • he won't accept second best solo se conforma con lo mejor
    • don't settle for second best: choose … no se conforme con menos / con algo inferior: elija …
    • The best surgeon can only settle for second-best if he ever needs surgery.
    • At an average wage of 36,674, public servants were the second-best of all categories of workers, the report shows.
    • If we can't find the exact time, then the time it was first reported is a good second best.
    • She held up Jane Eyre as a plain girl who gets her man and settles for second-best.
    • But second-best in the city of Milan proved beyond the pale.
    • But when it came to snapping up the chances, they were a struggling second best.
    • If our best social talent is no longer willing to serve politically, we inevitably suffer second-best.
    • Back then, Keane had been critical of a lack of ambition, of what he saw as a willingness to settle for second-best.
    • And God also seems to have the highest expectations of us, not settling for second-best or letting sleeping dogs lie.
    • It's a bumpy, 39 day road to second-best and the Kerry campaign is riding it with no shocks.
    • Capping noneconomic damages is a very blunt instrument, a very poor second-best.
    • At the time I argued that John Smit was the second best and Gary Botha the best.
    • Now, I favor second bests in many situations, but first you have to show that the best isn't feasible.
    • He predicts that the Massachusetts senator ‘will look a decided second-best to Bill Clinton’.
    • Another reason could be that parents themselves don't want to have to resort to second-best for their children.
    • In routine ways, we are mostly happy to settle for the second best or intellectual handouts.
    • But Appleby still looked second-best against Kendal's ten men and could not get hold of the ball.
    • A simple example will illustrate why bribery is a second-best.
    • It is rare for Kirkby to score four good tries and come second-best but they did that against a powerful Carlisle side.
    • Our aim will be to be the best at whatever we do not second-best across a wide range, but the best in whatever areas we choose to operate.