Translation of second strike in Spanish:

second strike

ataque de represalia, n.


  • 1

    ataque de represalia masculine
    represalia nuclear feminine
    • There's no harm in having second-strike capability, just don't use it.
    • It is pursuing second-strike capability via sub-launched missiles.
    • In a throwback to Cold War parlance, this is called ‘assured retaliation, second strike capability’.
    • Last month it ordered two nuclear submarines from Germany in order to let Tehran know it has second-strike capacity should Tel Aviv be hit.
    • Mofaz was inspecting the refitting of an Israeli Dolphin-class submarine, which experts say could be armed with nuclear missiles, giving Israel a second-strike capability if it were attacked with weapons of mass destruction.
    • Yet even as the bomber forces were being built, another technology was offering more assurance of a second-strike capability: the long-range ballistic missile.
    • India however has always maintained caution, forever urging the international community to accept Pakistan as a state sponsor of terrorism, and at all times upheld its second-strike policy.
    • With the raising of this division, the architecture of India's nuclear second strike capability is clearer.
    • Leaders from both countries have spoken openly about the obscenity of ‘first strikes’ or ‘second strikes’, and their willingness to use nuclear warheads.
    • Lo Chih-cheng, a political analyst at the Institute for National Policy Research, expressed a wish that the US would help Taiwan develop its second-strike capability against Chinese attacks.
    • Then the hangars could be emptied for a second strike, and afterwards planes could be recovered to be rearmed and refueled.
    • The key to deterrence is a second-strike capacity - the ability to absorb an attack on one's nuclear arsenal and still mount a nuclear response.
    • The old generals on TV talk of first strike and second-strike capabilities as though they're discussing a family board game.
    • This in turn required each side to possess a guaranteed second-strike capability, one which could survive the opponent's massive, and possibly unanticipated, first strike.
    • Capable of remaining submerged, nuclear-capable submarines would be the most difficult of the nuclear-delivery platforms to detect and engage, which enhances their relevance as a credible second-strike capability.
    • The value of second-strike capability is debatable.
    • Defining ‘unacceptable damage’: According to the logic of nuclear deterrence thinking, it is not enough to have a second-strike capacity that survives a possible first strike.
    • An air dropped bomb is perhaps the farthest from a second strike weapon on the subcontinent.
    • The Pentagon drew up a second strike plan, and the White House again killed it.