Translation of secondary in Spanish:


de interés secundario, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈsɛk(ə)nd(ə)ri//ˈsɛkənˌdɛri/


  • 1

    • 1.1(subordinate)

      (matter) de interés secundario
      (road) secundario
      secondary stress / accent acento secundario masculine
      • that's of secondary importance eso es de importancia secundaria
      • to be secondary to sth ser de menor importancia que algo
      • But, important as it was, it was still secondary to Johnny's primary concern and that was people.
      • In the parts related to these subjects of the study, again, mostly secondary sources were used.
      • Most of the speakers felt that men had always treated women as secondary beings.
      • We were doing our best, but our role was becoming distinctly secondary.
      • The consequence is that secondary bacterial infection is quite common in diseased skin.
      • Ownership is important, but it's secondary to generating competition.
      • There is no doubt that secondary endosymbiosis involves a complicated series of events.
      • Variables such as artist, condition and rarity are secondary in importance.
      • Frequently, sequestration is discovered when a patient develops symptoms that are usually secondary to infection or associated cardiac disease.
      • But it seems inexplicable that he used so few primary as well as secondary materials.
      • The villain is so lacking in character or interest that he seems secondary.
      • The vascular lesions are probably secondary to chronic inflammation and fibrosis in the adjacent lung.
      • The authors conclude that secondary prevention of stroke requires dietary, smoking, medical and, possibly, surgical intervention.
      • Providing humanitarian aid was secondary to supporting combat operations.
      • In some senses, the race is secondary to the social importance of this event.
      • As the centuries passed, personal loyalty and service became almost secondary to the acquisition of property.
      • Similarly, texts have a secondary importance - the primary mode of transmission of knowledge is oral.
      • To maintain growth Ryanair will need to continue seeking out new routes to new secondary airports.
      • Each group or person has individual goals - but in a partnership, they have to be secondary to the primary joint goal.
      • The plot seems almost secondary to the idea of being offbeat.

    • 1.2(not primary, original)

      (source) de segunda mano
      (effect/infection) secundario
      (tumor) secundario
      (tumor) metastásico
      (industry) secundario
      (strike/action/picketing) de solidaridad
      (picketing/strike/action) de apoyo

    • 1.3Electricity

      (current/coil/voltage) secundario
      • It's broadly the same way a power transformer works, with a primary coil generating a current in a secondary coil, the difference between the number of loops in each coil governing the change to the voltage.
      • The reverse polarity creates a peak current about twice as high as the six amps of coil current on the primary side, and a higher peak-to-peak current on the secondary side.
      • The burst in current causes a change in voltage in the secondary coil, which in turn causes a change in voltage in the feedback coil.
      • Apply the ac voltage to the primary winding and expect output voltage at the secondary side.
      • The alternating flux in the core in turn induces an alternating current in each of the secondary coils.

  • 2

    (teacher/pupils) de enseñanza secundaria
    secondary education enseñanza secundaria feminine
    • Very few teachers, especially in secondary schools, were funded to develop new curricula for themselves using computers.
    • All four colleges provided training for secondary school teachers on integrated academic curricula.
    • Louis studied at the Lyceé Janson de Sailly in Paris completing his secondary school education in 1909.
    • Mr Curtis said he hoped to take a primary school teacher and a secondary school science head teacher with him on his trip, which could be in May.
    • I teach them for eight years before they go to boarding school to complete their secondary education.
    • At least for secondary school teachers, you could crowd all the education stuff that you need on lesson planning and discipline into one class.
    • The new secondary school will open in September.
    • The pointillist painting method can be adapted to all levels of elementary and secondary art education.
    • Many students drop out of secondary education or university.
    • No, I spent primary school and my secondary education in a State school.
    • Primary education lasts until the age of eleven, followed by secondary education.
    • As the Secretary of State for Education embarks on secondary curriculum revision, can we hope he will seize a tide?
    • I did my secondary education at Chibi High School, a boarding school.
    • After I felt that my mission had drawn to a close, I was assigned to teach physical education to Taiwanese secondary school students.
    • Alexandra College in Milltown, Dublin, offers kindergarten, junior and secondary level education for girls.
    • All but two students had received secondary school education in the United Kingdom.
    • Such a system is needed to make post secondary education more accessible.
    • In our work as secondary English educators, we know we should routinely consider the literacy practices that best meet the needs of our students.
    • The Schools Minister added that a new secondary school will be built in Swindon by 2011.
    • About 90 percent of students who finish elementary school continue their education at the secondary level.
    • Recommended course series for early childhood educators, elementary educators, and secondary educators have been designed.