Translation of secret in Spanish:


secreto, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsiːkrɪt//ˈsikrɪt/


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    secreto masculine
    our decision must remain a secret tenemos que mantener en secreto la decisión
    • her age is a secret su edad es un misterio
    • he kept it a secret from her for years se lo ocultó durante años
    • he had no secrets from her no tenía secretos para ella
    • it's no secret that he's an alcoholic no es ningún secreto que es alcohólico
    • the secret of success el secreto del éxito
    • He would do everything in his power to make sure the family secret was not discovered.
    • Hackers can leak trade secrets stolen from unprotected networks.
    • Her true identity is a secret from her new friends and workmates.
    • When the girls discover his dirty little secret, they give him a taste of his own medicine.
    • One by one, Khmer Rouge leaders are taking their secrets to their graves.
    • The Soviets kept this fact a secret for many years after the flight.
    • Los Alamos National Laboratory is where the nation's nuclear secrets are kept and now, it appears, lost.
    • They've been trying to keep that a secret from the public.
    • And Jim liked to think he still had a few secrets up his sleeve.
    • You had to keep your dirty little secret.
    • Our families knew about it in advance and somehow managed to keep it a secret from me.
    • In truth, how she died was unknown, a secret that remained with her family.
    • Nerve gas was one of Hitler's darkest, best-kept secrets.
    • It also relates to hidden and unknown matters, secrets and private enemies.
    • He had succeeded in the balancing act of keeping secrets and informing the public.
    • But they're going to have to keep it a secret from everybody else…
    • In England the home secretary is insisting that much government information will remain a state secret for 30 years.
    • She tried to pretend she was revealing a dearly kept secret.
    • As confrontations ensue, a shameful family secret is revealed that will change their lives for ever.
    • Though a woman full grown, she still needed a reminder on the evils of keeping secrets from her parents.


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    (organization/ballot/door) secreto
    negotiations must remain secret las negociaciones deben mantenerse en secreto
    • I'm a secret admirer of hers soy un secreto admirador suyo
    • to keep sth secret from sb ocultarle algo a algn
    • His secret plans for a new and unconventional way of life have only just emerged from the letters he wrote to friends.
    • I made it myself with the finest beans and a little secret ingredient of my own.
    • Katelyn passed him and he turned around, smiling at Jude as they did their little secret handshake.
    • A secret organization were supposedly planning an act of terrorism.
    • The cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church are sealed into the Sistine Chapel for a very secret ballot.
    • But she does seem to enjoy keeping things so secret that nobody knows what the hell is going on.
    • The US is planning to introduce secret military tribunals which can impose the death penalty.
    • They probably have secret meetings and plan world wars or something.
    • A BBC programme claimed to have conclusive evidence of plans for a secret motorway linking the M65, A65 and A1.
    • I first want to take you on on this idea that they're publishing secret war plans.
    • Could this be NASA's secret asteroid-destruction plan?
    • This was a secret visit planned with military precision.
    • Keeping some detail more secret than another is certainly not uncommon in traditional Aboriginal religious affairs.
    • Recruiters say that anonymity - the ability to keep clients' identities secret - is another valuable asset.
    • Even after the secret escape plan was revealed and all hell broke loose, the company held fast to its priorities.
    • Keeping things secret is a phenomenal marketing tool.
    • A few years ago, Michael Jackson planned a secret trip, making arrangements for as much privacy as possible.
    • The Council shall vote by secret ballot in order to fill the vacancy expeditiously.
    • Some conspiracy theorists believe the Priory of Sion to be one of the oldest and most powerful secret societies.
    • Have the glitzy pair really called it quits, or are they planning a secret wedding?