Translation of secretary in Spanish:


secretario, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsɛkrɪt(ə)ri//ˈsɛkrəˌtɛri/

nounPlural secretaries

  • 1

    (in office, of committee, of society)
    secretario masculine
    secretaria feminine
    • She waited for the secretary to pick up and transfer her to Sarah's office, where she was on her break.
    • Well, he is the appointments secretary and administrator for all referees outside of the Football League.
    • There is a story doing the rounds about a city lawyer who asked an office secretary to pay £4 towards his dry cleaning bill.
    • Already a bunch of freshmen had lined up at the secretary's desk.
    • Additional staff is needed to run rural branch surgeries, which restricts partners' ability to employ secretaries and administrators.
    • He was heavily involved in coaching and administration and was secretary to the national cycling association.
    • She is reportedly the lowest paid secretary in the department.
    • Despite being in his office, the editor, Martin Newland, requested his secretary to say he was ‘unavailable for comment’.
    • I entered the office, dumping the counseling folder on the secretary's desk.
    • She was then working as a secretary to Tambimuttu in that chaotic Poetry London office in Manchester Square.
    • There is no office secretary to answer calls or take messages, no student assistants to run errands.
    • This is borne out by a letter of April 11, from the solicitors to the area secretary of the Law society.
    • A former England player who roomed with him now has to call Hoddle's secretary to get an appointment to speak to him.
    • It didn't matter that Kyle had a newborn baby, or that Ryan drank too much, or that Tom was carrying on a secret affair with a secretary in the office.
    • It was provided to the Foreign Office by the secretary to the World Jewish Council, who in turn had received it from a source in Berlin.
    • He is even considerate enough to take time from his day to answer fan mail personally rather than getting a secretary to do it for him.
    • If necessary, counsel may contact my secretary to arrange an appointment to speak to the issue of costs on this motion.
    • After leaving the firm, I found out that people from my secretary to my CEO knew I was gay.
    • With that, he turned and walked out of his office, calling for his secretary to get her anything she needed, a drink or anything.
    • Since it was written in shorthand, he had to ask his secretary to interpret it.
    • The tuning of the City Hall organ is ongoing, and every night, the secretary of the Organ Society, David Smit, spends several hours tuning the instrument.
    • One guy a few years back asked me whether he should call back and make an appointment with my secretary to talk to me.
    • She started in a law firm as the boss's secretary typing his letters and papers.
    • Englehardt explained that in fact plenty of people had seen it, and he sent his secretary to fetch some.
    • He pushed the door open and walked up to the secretary's desk.
  • 2

    ministro masculine
    ministra feminine
    secretario masculine Mexico
    secretaria feminine Mexico
    Secretary of the Interior Ministra del Interior feminine
    • Secretary of the Treasury Ministra de Hacienda
    • Perle is a commentator on defense issues and a former US assistant secretary of defense.
    • The Secretary of Commerce must consult with the Department of Justice before issuing such a certificate.
    • We need the president to go there and also tell the treasury secretary to certify that it's happening.
    • The 1986 legislation also specified the responsibilities of each service secretary to the defense secretary.
    • Wolfowitz is US deputy defence secretary and widely regarded as the chief intellectual architect of the Iraq war.
    • The British Home Secretary announced today that marijuana will be rescheduled as a Class C drug.
    • In London, shadow foreign secretary Michael Ancram said Buttiglione's withdrawal raised some disturbing issues.
    • She immediately contacted the British secretary of war and volunteered her time and skills.
    • But in the meantime the education secretary announced £200m extra for university research.
    • In 1996, he became the sixth deputy assistant secretary of defense for Policy and Missions.
    • I also tried to contact the Permanent Secretary in Bisho without success.
    • As secretary of commerce, Hoover himself drafted much of the legislation.
    • Michael Ancram, shadow foreign secretary, played down talk of a rift.
    • In 1992 former secretary to the office of Governor-General, Sir David Smith, wrote.
    • But there's a new Army secretary in charge.
    • Yet the new treasury secretary nominee turned out not to be much of an improvement.
    • Fillmore instructed his attorney general and the secretary of the Navy to arrest the king.
    • The secretary of agriculture already has gathered input on issues for the next bill.
    • Returning from Europe in 1783, Jay served Congress as secretary for foreign affairs for the next six years.
    • And Dr. Sue Bailey is a former assistant defense secretary for health affairs.
    • One priest was accredited as First Secretary at the Italian Embassy.
    • Reminded that was not what the shadow health secretary had said, Boris preferred to keep digging.
    • He was provincial general secretary of Leon for 11 years.
    • Taft, a former deputy defence secretary under President Ronald Reagan, was the man to do that.
    • The Secretary of the Navy, Gordon England, has dismissed these allegations.
    • The education secretary at the time, Kenneth Baker, was more moderate.