Translation of secretary of state in Spanish:

secretary of state

nounPlural secretaries of state, Plural Secretaries of State


  • 1

    (in US)
    secretario de Estado (de los Estados Unidos) masculine
    secretaria de Estado (de los Estados Unidos) feminine
    • Most recently, he was the Deputy Secretary of State in 1993 under President Clinton.
    • Official results will be announced as soon as the Secretary of State provides a final list.
    • That includes his Secretary of State, Colin Powell, who has been presented as a restraining influence on Bush.
    • Then U.S. Secretary of State Madeline Albright visited Pyongyang in response to Cho's trip to Washington.
    • Henry Kissinger ran foreign policy under President Nixon, not Secretary of State Rogers.
  • 2

    (in UK)
    ministro masculine
    ministra feminine
    secretario masculine Mexico
    secretaria feminine Mexico
    • He wants the county council to call on the Secretary of State for Health, John Reid, to inject more cash into NHS services in Surrey.
    • He was appointed Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department of Social Security in May 1997.
    • It is the Secretary of State's policy that the power to sanction should not be exercised too widely.
    • Copies are also being sent to Bexley Council and the Secretary of State for Transport.
    • The Claimant in this claim for judicial review is the Secretary of State for the Home Department.