Translation of secretive in Spanish:


reservado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈsikrɪdɪv//ˈsiːkrɪtɪv/


  • 1

    (person/behavior) reservado
    (person/behavior) hermético
    to be secretive about sth/sb ser reservado en lo que respecta a algo/algn
    • The Merchant Company is known for being a secretive organisation.
    • Well we both know that it's not there for that, but I can't beat them up, so I get back at them a different and more secretive way.
    • Now that's led to people saying we're secretive and that we're close mouthed.
    • The founder of Opus Dei, a secretive Catholic sect said to have infiltrated the Vatican, was canonised.
    • She peeked out her door, unsure of why she was being so secretive.
    • Just why is the state health department being so secretive about their program?
    • And he proceeds to explain why everything surrounding Virgin's finances should be so secretive.
    • The selection of replacement bishops is a highly secretive process.
    • It was the culmination of months of secretive work by a Garda team headed by Assistant Commissioner Joe Egan.
    • The secretive process will probably continue for another week or so when one or two candidates will likely emerge.
    • It was a really secretive process and I wasn't even sure who I was applying to until they asked me to come in for an interview!
    • All contact is 100 percent confidential but it's not a secretive organisation.
    • The story was originally dealt with in a secretive way that led to speculation that the injury could be very serious.
    • But her secretive way of voicing herself backfires when Georgia and Virginia are fired for her subversiveness.
    • Staff at Camp Bondsteel rarely venture outside the compound and their activities are secretive.
    • Given the secretive nature of the order, what exactly was found remains a mystery.
    • The more secretive you get with your parents, the worst things will become.
    • But I was thinking of what William Raleigh had said of my performing strange and secretive tasks for him, should he require them.
    • Christian's works are secretive yet allusive, related yet solitary and, above all, tactile and handmade.
    • I'm simply not a particularly secretive person.
    • Shepardson said that she thinks that people believe the World Bank is a secretive organization.
    • That mission was so secretive, the Chinese government wouldn't even confirm the astronaut's name until he was safely on his way into orbit.
    • Williamson was notoriously secretive about his creation and no contemporary plan of the whole network survives.
    • He became highly secretive and delved further and further into the criminal world.
    • Her work is similarly secretive and intensely private.
    • Strikers said that they have never heard of such a fund before, and accused the company of cutting their pay in a secretive way.
    • He'd become somewhat of a secretive guy during the past few months.
    • A highly secretive project has been underway since February 2000 to redefine the very concept of the action film.
    • They are secretive and withhold information not only from the rest of the world, but even from their own organizations.
    • The way of rewarding his select group of fund managers in a secretive way has the hallmarks of a Macquarie Bank approach.
    • Retailers are notoriously secretive about profit margins and the performance of their individual stores.
    • But for this most secretive and networked of groups things have seldom been better.
    • He was a bit secretive about his feelings, so they didn't hear from him much.
    • What truly caught his attention was not her astonishingly contrasting beauty, but her secretive ways.
    • The final reason for the ineffectiveness of the wonder weapons comes from their secretive development and combat employment.
    • She is secretive about her past and we do not pressure her to reveal it.
    • There is no public scrutiny of what is a very secretive and authoritarian regime.
    • The Manhattan Project was and is still one of the most secretive projects ever created in United States history.
    • The decision-making process was usually secretive, and judges were never held accountable for their judgments.