Translation of sect in Spanish:


secta, n.

Pronunciation /sɛkt//sɛkt/


  • 1

    secta feminine
    • If small churches and dissenting sects thrived in the slums, the great current was active or passive disbelief.
    • Well, we are still bickering about the rights of the sects of Christianity within our constitution.
    • Did you know that Hasidic Jews are considered a mystical sect of Judaism?
    • Later, the contemplation on the nine stages became associated with the Zen sect that focused on meditation practice.
    • For instance, there were families, which did not mind much about the brides and bridegrooms belonging to different sects.
    • The main sects of the Islamic religion practiced in this region are Sunni and Shi'a.
    • Christians had gone astray and corrupted the God's scriptures by dividing into different sects and beliefs.
    • Sadhus belong to many different sects or orders.
    • She also turned to Catholicism and various Christian sects at this time in her search for truth.
    • In the U.S., some Protestant fundamentalist sects still ban any shaking of your money maker.
    • The teachings of these splinter sects did not catch on in any significant way among the Jews.
    • From about 100 to 337, the Church in the Empire remained an illegal and persecuted sect.
    • Now: imagine that X is not a religion, but a sect within a religion.
    • Most of the Korean Buddhists sects were founded after the liberation from the Japanese in 1945.
    • Christianity originated in the Middle East and was originally a sect of Judaism.
    • I have visions of his being arrested and incarcerated indefinitely by the Americans, or joining a fundamentalist Sunni sect.
    • He rattled off the names of various Muslim sects, both Shia and Sunni.
    • In fact there are groups of vampires that celebrate each religion, all sects of Christianity included.
    • The couple have become devotees of the mystical sect of Judaism - Kabbalah.
    • One sect believes gay marriage is against religion, so ban it.